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Bilbao celebrates innovation: South Summit Industry & Energy connects industry 4.0

South Summit Industry & Energy in Bilbao, unites experts in Industry 4.0

Jeickson Sulbaran

November 17, 2023 | 2:00 pm

Bilbao becomes the focus of global innovation during November 23 and 24. The city hosts the South Summit Industry & Energy, a key event that brings together experts and visionaries in Industry 4.0, energy transition and mobility. This year, the B Accelerator Tower (BAT) in Bilbao It becomes a hotbed of ideas and projects that will shape the future of these critical sectors.

A meeting point for pioneers and entrepreneurs

La appointment in Bilbao It promises to be a melting pot where the most avant-garde trends will merge. Experts like James Arbib of RethinkX and Owen Reynolds of Teklas Ventures They will share their perspectives on how disruptive innovation is shaping a new landscape in these fields. These talks will not only inform, but inspire and connect attendees on a deeper level.

Synergies between corporations, startups and investors

In addition to the presentations, the event will be fertile ground for collaboration. Representatives of prominent companies such as Iberdrola and Repsol, innovative startups and more than 20 investment funds will converge in this space. Here, ideas find support, startups find funding, and corporations discover new avenues for innovation.

The interaction between these different actors is crucial. An ecosystem is created where each party contributes and benefits from the other, thus promoting collective progress.

An experience beyond conferences

But South Summit Industry & Energy Bilbao It is not limited to conferences and panels. Attendees will have the unique opportunity to explore the most advanced technological and industrial hubs in Bilbao. Visits to iconic locations such as the Guggenheim Museum will add a cultural and artistic dimension to the event.

The objective is clear: connect the vibrant Basque entrepreneurial ecosystem with world-class investors and corporations. The previous edition already demonstrated its potential, with more than 300 attendees and 500 high-value connections.

The South Summit Industry & Energy Bilbao is not just an event; It is a catalyst for change and progress. The city of Bilbao becomes the stage where the future of industry, energy and mobility is written with the hands of those who lead the transformation.


  1. What topics will be mainly addressed at the South Summit Industry & Energy Bilbao?
    • Topics of Industry 4.0, energy transition and mobility will be discussed, with a focus on disruptive innovation and collaboration between different sectors.
  2. Who are some of the featured speakers at the event?
    • James Arbib, founder of RethinkX, and Owen Reynolds, member of Teklas Ventures, are two of the keynote speakers, among other industry experts.
  3. What opportunities does the event offer for startups and corporations?
    • It offers a unique space for networking, the exchange of ideas and the possibility of forming strategic collaborations between startups, investors and corporations.

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