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BIND 4.0 promotes industrial innovation in Euskadi with new call

BIND 4.0 promotes industrial innovation in Euskadi with new call

Maria Jose Gonzalez

December 19, 2023 | 2:28 pm

BIND 4.0, the renowned Open Innovation platform, announces a new call for its SME Connection program, aimed at startups and scaleups, this initiative, in its third edition, seeks to accelerate innovation and digital transformation of small and medium-sized industrial enterprises (SMEs) in the Basque Country. The objective is clear: to promote technological development and competitiveness through synergistic collaboration between SMEs and disruptive startups.

In this program, the participating SMEs, supported by the cluster energizing organizations (ODCs) of the Basque Country, have raised five specific technological challenges. Candidate startups must present innovative solutions that respond to these challenges, thus creating a bridge between emerging inventiveness and the real needs of the industrial sector.

A look at successful BIND 4.0 projects and collaborations

Since its launch in Euskadi, BIND 4.0 has been a catalyst for more than 35 innovative projects, working hand in hand with 30 startups in collaboration with Basque SMEs. These projects have marked a before and after in the industrial landscape of the region, demonstrating the potential of collaboration between emerging and established companies.

This year, Five cluster facilitating organizations, along with their respective SMEs, will participate in the program. Aclima and Afesa, Basoinsa and Teknimap, Habic and Astigarraga Kit Line, and Irurena Group and Algon EMM, are some of the entities that will present sectoral challenges to startups from around the world. The diversity of these organizations and their challenges reflects the breadth and richness of the industrial fabric of Euskadi, as well as its openness to global innovation.

Impact and future perspectives of BIND 4.0 in Euskadi

BIND 4.0's bet on Open innovation and digitalization have a significant impact on the business ecosystem in Euskadi. By facilitating the immersion of startups in the market and promoting their inclusion in the Basque Entrepreneurship and Innovation Ecosystem, the program not only promotes technological development, but also strengthens the regional entrepreneurship network.

The registration period for this call will remain open until January 10, 2024, offering a unique opportunity for startups from all over the world to collaborate with Basque SMEs and contribute to the growth and innovation of the region.

BIND 4.0 represents an exceptional opportunity for startups to show their capacity for innovation and collaborate in the transformation of industrial SMEs in the Basque Country. This program is a clear example of how collaboration and open innovation can be drivers of change and development in the industrial sector.

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