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The Bahía Awards: The urban revolution from Bilbao

Bahía Awards, Promoting Urban Changes from Bilbao.

Jeickson Sulbaran

November 13, 2023 | 4:30 pm

A Lighthouse for the Urban Vision of the Future

In an era defined by unprecedented urban challenges, The Bahia Awards emerge as an innovative initiative with the purpose of transforming global cities. Released by Bilbao Metropolis 30, a public-private partnership, these awards seek to recognize, enhance projects by helping the revolution urban pioneers who address current challenges in a significant and original way.

Bilbao Metropoli 30: A Catalyst for Change

Bilbao Metropolis 30 It stands out for its decisive role in the transformation of Bilbao during a time of economic and social crisis. This association, which brings together almost 140 entities, has been a model of collaboration and long-term vision, focusing on the ecological, economic, cultural and social well-being of the Bilbao metropolis.

The Purpose of The Bahía Awards

With a radical and disruptive approach, The Bahía Awards seek to address the imperative needs of cities and metropolises. They not only seek to recognize current initiatives, but also to inspire a urban revolution global. The objective is to promote radical and consensual actions and measures between cities, regions, organizations and people around the world.

The Bilbao Election: A Transformation Scenario

The choice of Bilbao as the venue for these awards is no coincidence. The process of revitalization of Bilbao, which transformed the region from an industrial zone to a modern cultural metropolis, is a global case study. This example demonstrates that an urban revolution is possible and necessary, and serves as inspiration for the participants of Los Premios Bahía.

The Long Term Impact

The projects recognized in The Bahia Awards They will be those that not only address current urban challenges, but also generate a sustainable and far-reaching impact in their regions. Originality, relevance and the potential to inspire others around the world will be valued.

Conclusion: An Invitation to Action

The Bahía Awards are more than recognition; They are a call to action for all those concerned about the future of our cities. With the deadline for applications until December 31th 2023, this initiative represents a unique opportunity to share knowledge, connect urban visionaries and showcase pioneering projects that point towards a brighter tomorrow.

In summary, The Bahia Awards They not only recognize pioneering solutions, but also foster a global collaboration necessary to confront and overcome contemporary urban challenges. With Bilbao as an example and source of inspiration, these awards seek to ignite an urban revolution that redefines our cities and metropolises for the future.

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