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The Machine Tool Biennial (BIEMH) starts at the BEC in Barakaldo

Jesus Carames

June 3, 2024 | 8:19 a.m.

The largest industrial fair in Euskadi celebrates its 32nd edition

This Monday, the Machine Tool Biennial (BIEMH), the largest fair in the Basque Country and a crucial event for the Basque industry, begins at the Bilbao Exhibition Center (BEC) in Barakaldo. Known as the second most important sector fair in Europe, only surpassed by Hannover in Germany, the BIEMH attracts thousands of visitors and professionals from the sector, filling the hotels of Bizkaia and significantly benefiting business tourism in the region.

A world class event

The BIEMH is so significant that it motivated the construction of the BEC, which celebrates its 20th anniversary this year. The old Bilbao trade fair could no longer meet the space needs of the Biennial, which now occupies the six pavilions of the BEC, being the only event to do so.

This 32nd edition is anticipated to be one of the most powerful to date, with 1.558 exhibiting companies from 29 countries and visitors from 75 nations. The acting Lehendakari, Iñigo Urkullu, will inaugurate the event, which will last until Friday, June 7. 3.593 products and services will be exhibited, including 400 international novelties, 1.910 machines and 105 robots.

Innovation and technology in action

The BIEMH promises to be a true technological spectacle, with large machines in operation, one of the characteristics that distinguishes it. By subsectors, starting and deformation machines lead the fair with 35%, followed by robotics and automation (20%), tools and accessories (12%), digitalization applied to industry (9%), mechanical components (9% ), production and business services (6%), additive and 3D manufacturing (5%) and metrology (4%).

A new approach in robotics and digitalization

For the first time, the BIEMH will have a space dedicated exclusively to robotics, automation and digitalization, with a demonstration area. The parallel competitions for additive and 3D manufacturing, digital technologies (BeDigital) and talent recruitment will also continue, offering more than 300 jobs.

Mexico is the guest country this year, with a delegation of 70 purchasing companies. In addition, there will be a day dedicated to the United States, with the presence of the president of the sector association of this country and a "VIP buyers" program, which includes senior officials with purchasing decisions from world-leading companies.

Euskadi leader in machine tools

Spain is positioned as the third European producer of machine tools, behind Germany and Italy, and the ninth worldwide. Euskadi represents 80% of the sector in Spain, consolidating itself as a fundamental pillar in the machine tool industry.

The BIEMH is not only an exhibition event, but also a platform for networking and innovation, where the latest trends are discussed and the most advanced technologies are presented. This event is vital to promote the sector and strengthen Euskadi's position in the global machine tool industry.

In conclusion, the 32nd edition of the BIEMH at the BEC in Barakaldo is emerging as a key event for the industry, bringing together professionals from all over the world and highlighting Euskadi's capacity for innovation and leadership in the machine tool sector.

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