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The BIG Conference in Bilbao a key meeting point for talent

The BIG Conference in Bilbao: A key meeting point for talent

Jeickson Sulbaran

December 19, 2023 | 3:45 pm

Bilbao is preparing to host an event that is emerging as a milestone in the video game industry: the Bilbao International Games Conference (BIG Conference), scheduled for December 15 and 16 at the emblematic Euskalduna Palace. This congress, supported by entities such as the Bilbao City Council, the Provincial Council of Bizkaia and the Basque Government – ​​SPRI, promises to become the core of the sector's activity, attracting the main players in the industry. The BIG Conference is much more than a simple conference; is a platform that offers synergies, learning and opportunities business in all stages of video game development, from conception to distribution and promotion.

In addition to being a forum for discussion and exchange of ideas, the conference will include a career fair, designed to connect applicants with leading companies in the sector. This employment space, an innovative initiative at the event, provides an excellent opportunity for those looking to break into this dynamic industry. The employment area will have the presence of important companies, both local and multinational, in search of new talents for their teams.

A window to the future of employment in the video game industry

The first Employment Zone of the BIG Conference in Bilbao will have the presence of prominent companies in the sector, such as Odders Lab, Axes In Motion, Pendulo Studios, Keplerians, The Longest Road Games, Gameloft Barcelona, ​​Bandai Namco and Rovio. Interaction between candidates and employers will be facilitated through a networking application, allowing for formal meetings and a speed dating event for resume presentations.

This BIG conference job fair in Bilbao, represents an evolution in the way we search for employees, offering a specialized environment that encourages the creation of personal and professional connections. Participants will have the opportunity to receive personalized advice and ask questions in a more comfortable and accessible environment, which could break down barriers in the selection and recruitment process.

The labor panorama in the video game industry and the vision of Spain

The companies participating in the conference highlight the good health of the Spanish labor market in the video game industry, pointing out an unprecedented boom and high demand for qualified specialists. This scenario creates a vibrant but challenging market, where competition for talent is globalized due to the prevalence of teleworking.

The BIG Conference in Bilbao emerges as a catalyst in this context, providing facilities and support for the growth of the sector in Spain. representatives Bandai Namco and other companies recognize that Spain has the potential to be a global benchmark in the video game sector, linked to the level of support and facilities that can be offered.

Bilbao International Games Conference is presented as an exceptional opportunity for professionals and aspirants in the video game industry. With the combination of a comprehensive congress, a job fair and the participation of renowned companies, Bilbao establishes itself as a nerve center for innovation, talent and opportunities in the vibrant world of video games.

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