June 21th, 2024 | 8:10

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The Bolintxu viaducts awarded internationally

Jesus Carames

May 2, 2024 | 7:30 p.m.

A recognition of modern engineering and respect for the environment

The Bolintxu Viaducts, located in Bizkaia, have become an icon of modern and sustainable engineering, and will soon receive the prestigious Gustav Lindenthal Medal. This award, which will be awarded on June 4 at the International Bridge Congress in Texas, United States, recognizes not only technical excellence in bridge construction but also commitment to respect for the natural environment.

Innovation and sustainability in construction

The construction of the Bolintxu Viaducts stands out for its innovative use of weather-resistant steel, which gives them greater durability and significantly reduces long-term maintenance costs. The structure, which connects the Supersur Highway with the AP-68, has been designed carefully considering the environmental impact in the Bolintxu valley, demonstrating that it is possible to carry out large infrastructure projects with minimal impact on the natural landscape.

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