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Cup championship celebrations: Thursday, April 11

Jesus Carames

April 7, 2024 | 10:34 a.m.

Bilbao is preparing to experience a historic day next Thursday, April 11, when the streets will be filled with passion and joy to celebrate Athletic Club's conquest of the Copa del Rey. The victory in La Cartuja, Seville, not only puts an end to four decades of waiting but also marks the return of a unique tradition deeply rooted in the culture of the club and its fans: the navigation of the barge through the Nervión estuary.

A day of celebration

The barge, an emblematic symbol of Athletic's triumphs, will once again sail the waters 40 years later, carrying the champion team on board to share the glory with its unconditional fans. This event, more than a simple celebration, is a reunion with history, a moment of unity and pride for the athleticzale family.

Protocolary acts

In addition to the barge route, the champions will be received by the local authorities at the Bilbao City Hall and the Vizcaya Provincial Council, in recognition of their effort and dedication. These events reflect the importance of Athletic not only in the sporting field but also in the social and cultural life of the region.

A trip back home

After the euphoria of the night of victory, the team is scheduled to return to Bilbao this Sunday, leaving for the Seville airport at 11:45 am. Although no reception event is planned for his arrival, the anticipation for Thursday's celebrations keeps the fans and the city in feverish anticipation.

A moment for history

The return of the barge is not just the celebration of one more title; It is the rebirth of a tradition, the reaffirmation of an identity and the reminder that, despite challenges and defeats, the fighting spirit and passion for football have never abandoned this historic club. Athletic Club and its fans are ready to live a day that will remain engraved in the collective memory as a testimony of their greatness and their love for football.

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