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Poster 'Azul august' by Mario Larrinaga winner of Aste Nagusia 2024

Mairenis Gomez

June 25, 2024 | 7:00 pm

The poster titled 'August Blue', created by Mario Larrinaga Mochales, has been selected as the official image of Aste Nagusia 2024

This year, the Aste Nagusia of Bilbao It already has an official image. The poster titled 'Azul august', the work of Mario Larrinaga Mochales, has been selected as the symbol of the festival. This election not only stands out for its artistic quality, but also for the participatory process that involved the Bilbao community.

A democratic and participatory selection process that reflects the spirit of Bilbao

More than 300 proposals competed to become the image of Semana Grande, but 'Azul August' won the victory by obtaining 64% of the votes. The selection process was rigorous and democratic, combining the votes of the residents, who represented 66% of the final decision, with the evaluation of a nine-member jury. This jury, headed by Itziar Urtasun, president of the mixed festival commission and councilor of the area, also included an expert in artificial intelligence to ensure the authenticity of the works.

Mario Larrinaga Mochales, the 25-year-old young man from Bilbao behind 'Azul August', received a prize of 3.000 euros. Currently, he resides in Bali thanks to a Global Training scholarship from the Basque Government. Inspired by the winning 2019 San Fermín poster, Mario designed a work that highlights the people, the true protagonists of the festival, instead of focusing attention on Marijaia, the iconic Aste Nagusia character.

Mario Larrinaga Mochales: a local talent with international projection

Despite his youth, Mario has already left a significant mark on the art world. He graduated in Advertising and Public Relations at the UPV/EHU and has dedicated his career to illustration, animation and visual content creation. In addition to his success with the Aste Nagusia poster, he also won the competition in 2019 with 'Gure Mundua' and the San Faustos de Basauri poster in the same year.

Furthermore, Mario comments that he has always had a passion for drawing and, although the art world in Bilbao is not that widespread, he feels that things are changing. His goal is to return to Bilbao in the short term and continue contributing to the local art scene.

A competition with global and local talent

This year's contest not only attracted local but also international talent. Of the 303 proposals, 87 were made by residents of Bilbao, 54 by artists from the rest of Euskadi and 145 from other Spanish communities. In addition, 17 works were received from countries such as Peru, Cuba, Romania, Colombia, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Ecuador, Bolivia and Finland.

This diversity of participants underlines the global appeal of Aste Nagusia and the importance of Bilbao as a cultural centre. 'Azul Agosto' competed against five other finalist artistic works: 'Marijaia eta Gehiago', 'Jaietara Atera! / Go out to the Parties!', 'Synthesis', 'Lips' and 'Gora Marijaia'.

Poster 'Azul august' by Mario Larrinaga Mochales stands as the official image of Aste Nagusia

The importance of the image in Aste Nagusia

The choice of poster is a crucial element of Aste Nagusia, since the selected image not only represents the festivity but also captures the spirit and essence of Bilbao. 'Azul Agosto', with its focus on the people and vibrant depiction of the festive commotion, promises to be a memorable symbol of this year's Big Week.

With less than two months until the txupin, the Bilbao City Council is working to finalize all the details of the celebration. Meanwhile, the inhabitants of Bilbao and Bizkaia can expect an Aste Nagusia full of joy, community and tradition, with 'Azul August' as its emblematic image.

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