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Bilbao dresses in blues

Jesus Carames

March 22, 2024 | 7:25 a.m.

III Bilbao Blues Festival, to be held from July 25 to 28 in the heart of the Biscayan capital, promises to be an unavoidable meeting point for music lovers, where tradition and innovation go hand in hand. This event, organized by the Bilbao City Council, has managed to establish itself as an essential event in the city's cultural calendar, attracting both locals and visitors from different parts of the world.

A poster that promises strong emotions

Since the announcement of its programming, the festival has raised great expectations. The addition of Serbian guitarist Ana Popovich and Mallorcan trio Big Yuyu to the already impressive lineup of artists, such as Martha High & The Soul Cookers and guitarists Anson Funderburg, Mike Morgan and Shawn Pittman, raises the bar for this musical encounter even further. Ana Popovich, with her Fender Stratocaster, has earned a place among the great figures of the blues, sharing a pedestal with legends such as Bonnie Raitt and Susan Tedeschi. On the other hand, Big Yuyu, with its versatile mix of classic rock, soul, boogie, rhythm and blues and funk, promises a performance that will resonate in the hearts of attendees.

More than a festival, a cultural experience

The Bilbao Blues Festival has been characterized by offering a comprehensive experience, where music is complemented by activities that culturally enrich the participants. The initiative to start the festival with a Jam Session in the vicinity of the Itsasmuseum, next to the Euskalduna bridge, is not just an opening act, but a declaration of principles: the festival seeks to be a space for meeting, exchanging and celebrating music in its most genuine expression.

The main stage, located on the Arenal esplanade, along with other strategic locations in the city, will become the perfect backdrop for artists and audiences to share unique moments. The choice of such a diverse lineup reflects the festival's commitment to promoting all aspects of blues, from its deepest roots to its most contemporary interpretations.

A city in symphony with its festival

Bilbao, with its rich cultural history and its constant search for innovation, is presented as the ideal setting to host this festival. The image of the iconic Mississippi paddle steamer crossing the estuary is not only a powerful symbol that connects the city with the roots of blues, but also reflects the spirit of Bilbao: a city that navigates with ease between tradition and modernity.

The III Bilbao Blues Festival It is not just an event to enjoy great musical performances; It is an invitation to live Bilbao in a different way, to experience the city to the rhythm of blues and to discover how music can be a bridge between cultures, eras and people.

Ehe Bilbao Blues Festival is emerging as an event that will not only enrich Bilbao's summer with its musical offering, but will also reaffirm the city's place as a top-level cultural reference. With the promise of an unforgettable experience, the festival is presented as a must-see event for those who seek refuge, a celebration, or simply a reason to meet and share in music. Bilbao, once again, is preparing to be the scene of something big, something that resonates with the vibration of the blues and that will remain in the memory of all those who are part of this unique experience.

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