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Bilbao offers 35 free outdoor concerts for cultural delight

Mairenis Gomez

May 13, 2024 | 7:08 p.m.

The MusikAuzo initiative returns with 35 concerts and 13 free kalejiras

This year, Bilbao is transformed into a giant open-air stage with the new edition of 'MusikAuzo'. From kicking off on Thursday in Rekalde with a vibrant performance by the Bizkaia Big Band, until closing at the end of June, the city is filled with music with 35 free concerts and 13 kalejiras, designed to connect the community and celebrate local talent in a festive atmosphere and accessible to all.

Diversity of genres and artists in the heart of Bilbao

The MusikAuzo program is a true invitation to explore the musical diversity of Bilbao. The agenda covers an impressive variety of genres ranging from jazz, rock and reggae to folk and Latin rhythms, guaranteeing that every Bilbao resident and visitor will find something to their liking. The Bizkaia Big Band will be in charge of opening the festival at the Rekalde Kiosk with a fusion of swing and modern music.

For its part, GG Project will bring jazz and pop in swing and bossa rhythms to Plaza Enkarnazio and Plaza Juan XXIII, while Bilongo Lt will offer a fusion of rhythms from California and Louisiana in the Gernika Gardens. La Carocería promises to revive the classics of past decades in Plaza Media Luna and Plaza Juan XXIII. Eidabe will offer a performance in Basque aimed at children and families in the same square and in Plaza Ibarrekolanda.

Musical diversity in Bilbao parks

In addition, Lorelei Green will display her most electric side at Parque Doña Casilda, and Baste & Naste will fuse funk and rock at Parque La Floresta. Joshua Edelman & Xabi Arakama will explore the connection between Manhattan jazz and Basque folklore at Parque Ametzola. While The Hallfnelson will present an acoustic repertoire at Parque Doña Casilda. Asier Talanda and Óscar Jareño and El Clan Mestizo will present new albums and styles at Araneko Plaza and Parque Azoka, respectively.

Eclectic and vibrant shows

Panpotx and The Binilo's will capture the attention of young and old in Plaza Karmelo and Plaza Arabella with shows that mix music and theater. The Ibai García Blues Project, In Bi Gu and Erraiak will bring jazz, rock and folk to Parque Doña Casilda and Avda Lehendakari Agirre. Colajets, Pedro Makay and M&A Swing Machine will share their most recent musical works at the Frontón de Altamira, Buiabarriko kirol-gunea and Plaza Levante.

Finally, Malú Garay, Rumbo Paraíso, Triple Zero Band, Vittersweet, Benetan Be, Amann & The Wayward Sons, La Basu, Arnau & The Honky Tonk Losers, The One and Behotsik Orkestra will complete the lineup with performances that stand out for their diversity and quality.

Kalejiras and more: a festival that moves with the city

In addition to the concerts, MusikAuzo will liven up the streets of Bilbao with 13 kalejiras, events that combine marching music with the typical festive spirit of Bizkaia. These kalejiras will be celebrated throughout May and June, bringing music to every corner of the city and allowing the energy of the festival to be felt throughout the town.

Live culture and music in a festive atmosphere accessible to everyone

A significant cultural and economic impact

Undoubtedly, MusikAuzo is more than a festival, it is a cultural gathering that celebrates diversity, community and music. With such a rich and varied offer, Bilbao is once again confirmed as a leading cultural destination, where music plays a fundamental role in its identity and vibrant urban life.

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