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Bilbao reveals the six finalist posters for Aste Nagusia 2024

Mairenis Gomez

June 11, 2024 | 7:00 pm

Bilbao has announced the six finalist posters that could become the official image of Aste Nagusia 2024

We already know the finalist posters that could be the image of Aste Nagusia 2024. Among a total of 303 works presented, only six have been selected, Marijaia eta gehiago, Jaietara atera. Go out to the parties! Synthesis, August Blue, Lips and GORA MARIJAIA. The winner will be chosen on June 25 through a mixed vote between the jury and the citizens.

The selection process of the finalist posters for Aste Nagusia 2024

The first selection has been made by a jury made up of influential personalities such as Itziar Urtasun, president of the Joint Festival Commission and Festival Councilor; Councilors Asier Abaunza and Esteban Goti; the director of the Rekalde Room, Alicia Fernández; fashion designer Eder Aurre; communication and marketing expert Elena Guerra; the presenter and reporter of Telebilbao Ibai Sánchez; and a representative of Bilboko Konpartsak. In addition, this edition has the advice of Borja Sanz, doctor in charge of the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Deusto, in the use of artificial intelligence.

Selection and diversity criteria

The jury has evaluated the technical quality, originality and diversity of themes. It has also been taken into account the representation of gender, sexual orientation, cultural origin, functional diversity, age and social class, avoiding roles and stereotypes.

The use of artificial intelligence in the creation of the finalist posters

A novelty in this edition is the incorporation of artificial intelligence (AI) systems in the creation of the posters. Authors must report on the use of these tools, detailing the level of intervention and guaranteeing respect for intellectual property rights.. In the final assessment, human intervention prevails over the use of AI.

The voting process to choose the winner

Bilbao City Council has implemented a mixed voting system to encourage citizen participation. The in-person vote will be held at the Abando District Municipal Center, where the posters will be displayed. Citizens will be able to vote by presenting some supporting document.

In addition, online voting will be enabled through the Bilbao City Council website. The jury will meet again to select their favorite work. The popular vote will represent 66% of the value of the final decision, while the remaining 33% will correspond to the jury.

The winning poster, which will be announced on June 25, will receive a prize of 3.000 euros and will be the official image of Aste Nagusia 2024. This combination of citizen participation and professional judgment ensures a fair and representative election.

The impact of Aste Nagusia on the community of Bilbao

Aste Nagusia is one of the most anticipated and significant festivals in Bilbao, not only for its cultural value, but also for its economic and social impact. The finalist posters not only represent the art and creativity of the region, but also reflect the identity and diversity of the community.

We already know the finalist posters that could be the image of Aste Nagusia 2024

The selection of finalist posters celebrates the talent and diversity of Bizkaia

These six posters have been selected for their ability to capture the essence of Aste Nagusia and their potential to resonate with all Bilbao residents and visitors. The final decision will not only determine the face of this year's festival, but will also celebrate the talent and diversity of Bizkaia.

In short, the election of the winning poster for Aste Nagusia 2024 is a rigorous and democratic process that involves both experts and citizens. The integration of artificial intelligence and diversity in the selection marks a step forward in the evolution of these iconic celebrations. Everyone is invited to participate and be part of this important decision.

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