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Butrón Castle will open its doors during the works with guided tours

Butrón Castle will open its doors during the works with guided tours

Jeickson Sulbaran

April 18, 2024 | 11:43 a.m.

The interior of Butrón castle under construction

La restoration of Butrón Castle in Gatika, Vizcaya, is accompanied by a unique proposal, guided tours for the public while the works are carried out, promising an educational experience at the heart of a project that mixes history with cutting-edge technology.

El Butrón Castle, that emblematic building that rises majestically in the town of Gatika, is about to undergo a meticulous restoration process. But what really distinguishes this phase of the project is not only the complexity and precision of the work, but the unique opportunity they offer to visitors: witness the restoration process through guided tours scheduled to begin in June. This approach not only seeks to preserve the structure, but also educate the public about the importance of maintenance and conservation of historical heritage.

With the use of advanced technologies such as 3D laser scanner and point cloud, along with in-depth archaeological analyses, the team led by the architect Verónica Quintanilla Crespo has achieved a complete understanding of the current state of the castle. This diagnosis has revealed that, although the castle remains in relatively good condition, there are significant problems related to rainwater management, which have led to leaks and structural damage.

The interior of Butrón castle under construction

Minimum intervention for maximum preservation

The focus of the restoration of Butrón Castle It focuses on minimal intervention. This principle ensures that necessary repairs do not compromise the aesthetic or historical integrity of the castle. The plan is to primarily address problems caused by humidity and water, which not only affect the structure of the building, but also promote the growth of vegetation and algae, which can lead to the loss of materials and the appearance of stains and biological deposits.

The goal of these efforts is to stop the deterioration and begin a rehabilitation process that not only preserves the structure, but also enhances its beauty and historical value. This commitment to conservation has been praised by the community and cultural heritage experts, who see this project as a model to follow.

During the approximately two and a half years that the works will last, guided tours will allow visitors to learn up close the challenges and solutions applied in the restoration of this monument. Each visit will cost 12 euros per person and will be organized in small groups of no more than ten people per session., to ensure an intimate and detailed experience.

Visits, however, will have certain limitations: They will not be offered to people with reduced mobility or children under 16 years of age., due to the conditions of a construction site. This underscores the importance of safety in these types of educational and condom initiatives.

El Butrón Castle is not only being restored; is being transformed into a living classroom where history, architecture and conservation intertwine to educate and inspire. It is an opportunity for the citizens and visitors of Vizcaya to connect with their heritage in a very direct and meaningful way, ensuring that the legacy of Butrón Castle remains vibrant and accessible for future generations.

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