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Doctor Deseo reinvents his music with 'In the brightness of your eyes'

Mairenis Gomez

April 18, 2024 | 7:23 a.m.

A hybrid of western and reggaeton: soon in Vitoria and Bilbao

Doctor Deseo, an emblematic group led by Francis Díez, reinvents itself musically with its new mini album “En el luz de tus ojitos”. A bold amalgamation of styles ranging from western to reggaeton, embracing diversity and experimentation. This release marks a new chapter in the band's career, which has always been known for its ability to merge genres in creative and provocative ways. This work not only reflects a change in her sound. But also a lyrical depth that seeks to explore existence human through music.

A long-awaited return to the stage marked by nostalgia and musical renewal

The return of Doctor Deseo to the stage comes loaded with expectations and nostalgia, since Vitoria and Bilbao will witness this musical renaissance. The band, after a period of reflection and musical experimentation, has decided to release an album that is made up of six songs, including two very personal versions of iconic songs by Roberta Flack and Leonard Cohen. This album is a clear declaration of the artistic maturity achieved by the group, demonstrating that evolution is a constant in their career.

"I'll stay here with you": innovation and fusion of styles

The first single, “I Stay Here With You,” is an emotional journey that combines modern guitars with an intimate narrative, and is representative of the band's renewed focus on more introspective and existential themes. The fusion of styles on the album is evident, moving fluidly between trap, rumba and rock'n'roll.. Showing the group's versatility and willingness to explore new musical horizons.

Diversity and depth in “In the shine of your little eyes”:

Furthermore, the creative process behind “In the brightness of your eyes” has been notably influenced by the cultural variety that the musicians have absorbed throughout their careers. This eclecticism is not only a reflection of his musical evolution. But also from his desire to connect with audiences both young and mature, challenging preconceptions and expectations. Aiora Renteria's participation on two tracks brings an additional dimension of emotionality and complexity to the project, enriching the album with her distinctive voice and artistic sensibility.

An album that fuses genres with audacity and existentialist message

A tour that encapsulates the dual essence of Doctor Deseo

The “Softly kills me with his song” tour, which accompanies the release of the album, promises to be a multi-sensory experience. Combining energetic venue performances with more intimate theater concerts, allowing the band to showcase the breadth of their repertoire and the depth of their new songs. This duality in the live performance reflects the album's own dualism: vibrant and contemplative, modern and nostalgic.

Ultimately, “In the brilliance of your eyes” is not just an album, it is an affirmation of Doctor Deseo's ability to remain relevant in music. Adapting and evolving with the times, without losing that raw and honest essence that has characterized them for almost four decades. The tour, which begins in Vitoria and concludes in Bilbao, is not only a celebration of their new work, but also a reunion with their loyal audience, who have grown and evolved alongside the band.

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