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Eva Longoria enjoys gastronomy on her visit to Bizkaia

Mairenis Gomez

June 12, 2024 | 3:00 pm

Eva Longoria tours the best corners of Bizkaia in search of authentic flavors

During these days, Eva Longoria has been touring Bizkaia, immersing herself in the rich gastronomy of the region for his new television show about Spanish cooking. Her last stop was at Casa Vallés, an emblematic bar in Donostia, where the actress had the opportunity to taste some of the most delicious dishes. representatives of the Basque Country.

Eva Longoria and her love for Spanish cuisine: a stop at Casa Vallés in Donostia to discover the gilda

Eva Longoria, recognized for her career in acting, is exploring a new facet as host of a culinary program for the American CNN. On her visit to Gipuzkoa, the actress began her journey in Tolosa, where she tried the exquisite dishes at the 'Ama' restaurant with chef Javier Rivero. The trip continued to Donostia, where Casa Vallés was the perfect setting for their next tasting.

Accompanied by Marti Buckley, an American writer passionate about Basque gastronomy, Longoria had the opportunity to try the famous gilda. Buckley, an expert in Euskadi cuisine, chose Casa Vallés as the ideal place to start this pintxos route. The gilda, a skewer with olive, anchovy and piparra, surprised Longoria at first, but after trying it, her doubts disappeared. "It's delicious," exclaimed the actress, delighted with the taste of it.

A complete gastronomic experience: Eva Longoria immerses herself in the flavors of Euskadi trying pintxos and more

Longoria's visit to Casa Vallés was not limited only to the gilda. He also had the opportunity to taste a pintxo of tuna with mayonnaise, an Iberian ham sandwich and the famous potato omelette. All this, accompanied by a glass of txakoli, made the experience unforgettable.

Although Longoria enjoyed most of the delicacies, there was one small detail that did not go unnoticed. After the tasting scenes, the bar workers offered her more gilda, but the actress, without wanting to offend anyone, confessed that she didn't really like anchovy. "Sorry", He said with a smile, showing his kindness and closeness.

Eva Longoria enjoys Basque gastronomy during her visit

The recording of the program and the positive impression of Eva Longoria in Bizkaia

In addition, the recording of the program lasted several hours and, according to information, Longoria will continue exploring other settings in Bizkaia. The impression he left at Casa Vallés was very positive. The bar employees highlighted her friendliness and closeness, an experience they will hardly forget.

Without a doubt, Eva Longoria's presence in Bizkaia has not only highlighted the richness of Basque gastronomy, but has also generated an atmosphere of excitement and pride among the locals. This initiative by the actress to explore and share Spanish culinary culture with an international audience is a testament to the power of food to unite cultures and create unforgettable memories.

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