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Israel manipulated the Eurovision vote

Mairenis Gomez

May 17, 2024 | 2:00 p.m.

The Israeli government invested large sums of money and human resources to promote voting in Eurovision through its foreign ministry.

The government of Israel has publicly admitted that it carried out an organized campaign to encourage the vote in favor of your representative at Eurovision, Eden Golan. Through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, a significant amount of money was invested in the promotion and Israeli representatives in various European countries were ordered to encourage people to vote for the Israeli representative. David Saranga, a senior ministry official, confirmed the existence of this operation to The Times of Israel.

Saranga reveals details of the campaign organized by the Israeli foreign ministry for Eurovision

David Saranga told Ynet that, although the demonstrations in European streets suggested an adverse atmosphere, the support obtained was surprisingly high. He admitted that there was an organized group of Israel supporters who worked to encourage people to vote for Golan, including those who don't normally follow Eurovision. According to Ynet, the Israeli government invested large sums in this campaign, ordering its representatives in Europe to promote voting for Israel.

Israeli Ambassadors and politicians promoted the vote for Eden Golan in Eurovision with advertising campaigns worldwide

In addition to diplomatic efforts, political Israelis booked numerous advertisements on platforms such as YouTube and rented a billboard in Times Square, New York, to motivate Americans to vote. This great investment resulted in the second best televote for Eden Golan, with 323 points, only surpassed by the Croatian Baby Lasagna. Israel received 12 televoting points from several countries and 10 points from others, including Albania, Austria, and Slovenia.

The Government of Israel admits a campaign to encourage voting in Eurovision

Israeli media interpret the Eurovision result as evidence of universal support for Israel

For its part, the Israeli media interpreted these results as proof of universal support for Israel in Europe and the world. According to the Grayzone portal, Ynet concluded that even in countries critical of Israel, such as Sweden and Ireland, a strong pro-Zionist movement was evident. The Jerusalem Post stated that the Eurovision vote shows that there is a silent majority in Europe that separates politics from music and maintains its views despite constant criticism of the Jewish state.

Undoubtedly, The outcome of this promotional campaign reflects the Israeli government's ability to mobilize international support through diplomatic and publicity strategies.. This operation not only seeks to influence the musical field, but also to reinforce Israel's image in a global context, showing how entertainment can be an effective tool of public diplomacy.

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