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Leioa prepares for the celebration of San Juan with 107 groups in the streets

Leioa prepares for the celebration of San Juan with 107 groups in the streets

Jeickson Sulbaran

June 20, 2024 | 7:30 pm

A spectacular start with 107 crews ready for the party

On June 20, some 3.000 people and 59 floats will participate in the descent of the groups that will kick off the San Juan festivities. According to City Hall sources, around 2.400 peoples have signed up for the usual lunch and fun is guaranteed in Leio, with the 30 activities that have been organized for them over the next five days.

With the arrival of San Juan, Leioa dresses up to party. Tomorrow, ekainaren 20an, 3.000 people and 59 floats will take to the streets in the descent of teams, starting five days full of activities and fun. According to the city council, there are 2.400 people registered for the traditional meal, ensuring massive participation in one of the most anticipated events.

Leioa prepares for the celebration of San Juan with 107 groups in the streets

The festive atmosphere is felt in every corner of Leioa. The crews, a total of 107 this year, are ready to fill the streets with color and joy. This notable increase in the number of crews demonstrates how tradition has evolved and has been strengthened, going from 48 crews in 2010 to 107 today.

59 floats and a sea of ​​fun in the team descent

The descent of the teams is one of the most anticipated moments of the festive programming. This year, with 59 floats and the participation of about 3.000 people, A day full of enthusiasm and joy is expected. After the proclamation and the txupinazo, the floats will fill the streets, marking the official start of the celebrations.

Popular food is also a prominent event during these holidays. Around 2.400 people will join on June 22 in Kandelazubieta to share a community meal, reinforcing the community spirit that characterizes these festivities.

During the five days of festivities, the crews have organized about 30 varied activities. From food competitions and sporting events to the traditional playback competition and fox hunting, there will be something for everyone. Friendly competition and fun are guaranteed.

100 proposals to enjoy in 17 locations

The San Juan festivities in Leioa this year will feature 17 festive locations, offering 100 entertainment proposals. Among them, the musical events stand out for their quality and diversity. With 30 concerts scheduled, attendees will be able to enjoy performances by Esne Beltza, Doctor Deseo and Travellin' Brothers, among others.

Activities for children and families will also have a special place, along with events for adults that will highlight Basque culture and folklore. The variety of offerings ensures that everyone, regardless of age or interest, will find something to enjoy..

Leioa is preparing to experience one of the largest and most diverse San Juan celebrations in its recent history. With the active participation of the crews and a rich programming of activities, fun and community spirit are more than guaranteed.

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