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Music will invade Barakaldo during the 2024 festivities with a series of memorable concerts

Music will invade Barakaldo during the 2024 festivities with a series of unmissable concerts

Jeickson Sulbaran

May 22, 2024 | 9:30 a.m.

The Barakaldo festivities will bring a week of music and fun with artists such as Toreros Muertos, Gorka Urbizu, Belén Aguilera and more

The long-awaited Barakaldo festivities, known as the 'Cármenes', will be held from July 13 to 21 and promise to be an explosion music and entertainment for all attendees. The Herriko Plaza will be the epicenter of these celebrations, with an impressive lineup that includes renowned artists such as Toreros Muertos, Bulego, Belén Aguilera, Gorka Urbizu and the duo Iseo & Dodosound. In addition, the txosnas space will also offer nightly concerts that will complement the musical offering of these festivities.

A varied and attractive line-up for all tastes on the nights of Barakaldo

On July 13, at 23:30 p.m., Gorka Urbizu will be in charge of inaugurating the festivities. The former leader of Berri Txarrak will present his new album 'Hasiera bat', a work that mixes beauty and rawness in an intimate journey to the heart of the song. Expectations are high, and their fan base is expected to flock to this concert that will mark the start of a highly anticipated tour.

Two days later, on July 15 at 23:00 p.m., the Dead Bullfighters will bring their characteristic sense of humor and satire to Barakaldo. With Pablo Carbonell at the helm, heThe band promises a night full of fun and nostalgia, with iconic songs like 'My name is not Javier' and 'My yellow water'. This group, formed in 1985 during the Madrid Movida, remains relevant thanks to its irreverence and originality.

Music will invade Barakaldo during the 2024 festivities with a series of unmissable concerts

On July 16, the En Ezencia orchestra will take the stage at 22:00 p.m. This Navarrese group, known for its ability to connect with the public, will offer a show that will make you forget daily worries and allow you to enjoy music in its purest state.

Eurosymphony concerts and new talents for an unforgettable week in Barakaldo

On July 17, at 22:30 p.m., the Herriko Plaza will vibrate with a Eurosymphony concert that will include the most emblematic songs of the Eurovision Song Contest. The voices of Ángel Bellido, Laia Benaches, Aisha Bordas and Kevin Coll, accompanied by the Barakaldo Municipal Music Band, will create a unique atmosphere that will captivate attendees.

On July 18, at 23:00 p.m., Belén Aguilera will take the stage. The young artist, who has gained popularity with songs like 'Tus Monstruos' and 'La tirita' along with Lola Ídigo, promises a memorable performance. Her debut album 'As You See, I Have Not Always Been Mine' has cemented her place in the Spanish music scene, and her presence in Barakaldo is one of the most anticipated moments of these holidays.

Bulego, the pop phenomenon of the moment in Euskadi, will perform on July 19 at 23:00 p.m. His music, which celebrates the importance of living in the present, has resonated deeply with young people, making them one of the most popular groups in the region.

To close the festivities, on July 21, the duo Iseo & Dodosound will offer a unique mix of reggae, dub and trip hop that will put the finishing touch to a week full of music and emotion.

At the 'Cármenes' festivities of Barakaldo in 2024 They are presented as an unmissable event for music lovers. With a varied and quality line-up, the Herriko Plaza will be the perfect place to enjoy unforgettable nights in the company of friends and family. Don't miss this opportunity to live a week full of rhythm and fun in the heart of Barakaldo.

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