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The Bilbao Fine Arts Museum takes to the streets

Jesus Carames

May 4, 2024 | 2:00 p.m.

In an effort to bring art closer to citizens, the Museum of Fine Arts of Bilbao has launched the fifth edition of 'The BBK Artearen Ibilbidea Art Route', presenting an innovative exhibition that covers the representation of childhood in art through of the centuries.

The event, which takes place in the streets of Bizkaia, offers a unique opportunity for the inhabitants of 32 Biscayan municipalities to experience up close the reproductions of 28 paintings, a sculpture, five photographs and four posters, dated between the 2022th century and the year XNUMX. With the title "Childhood in art", this proposal not only seeks to decorate the Gran Vía in Bilbao, but also to provoke a deep reflection on the role and perception of childhood throughout history.

The director of the Museum, Miguel Zugaza, and the curator of ancient art and curator of the exhibition, José Luis Merino, were in charge of opening the exhibition. During the event, they highlighted the importance of this initiative to make art accessible to all and to encourage a dialogue about how different eras have interpreted the world of childhood.

The exhibition is meticulously curated to offer a kaleidoscopic view of childhood, showing not only the innocence and joy typically associated with this stage of life, but also how social and cultural contexts have influenced the representation of boys and girls. The selected works explore themes such as leisure, relationships with adults and the gender roles that have historically been assigned to young people.

From late Gothic religious painting to 20th century protest posters, the pieces display a rich diversity of styles and messages. For example, 'The Bathroom in Rentería' by Darío de Regoyos and 'Portrait of Two Girls in a Landscape' by Antonio María Esquivel offer 19th-century perspectives on the daily lives of children, while 'Help for Basque Children' by Oscar Kokoschka uses the image of a child to call for social and political action.

The sculpture 'View of a Child' by John Davies and the photograph 'Bilbao' by Vanessa Winship are contemporary examples that continue to explore the complexity of childhood from modern and provocative angles, reflecting how contemporary perceptions of childhood continue to evolve.

This initiative not only highlights the Museum of Fine Arts' rich collection and its commitment to artistic education and dissemination, but also invites passersby to rediscover their urban environment and invites them to reflect on universal and timeless themes. They hope this chance encounter with art will inspire many to visit the museum to explore the original works and deepen their appreciation of art and culture.

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