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The Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao opens its doors to the legacy of Giovanni Anselmo

Guggenheim Museum Giovanni Anselmo

Mairenis Gomez

February 10, 2024 | 10:41 a.m.

An artistic journey that transcends the horizon

From the heart of Bilbao, the Guggenheim Museum becomes the cultural epicenter with the Giovanni Anselmo exhibition. This exhibition, curated by Gloria Moure, invites us from February 9 to May 19 to immerse ourselves in the universe of Anselmo, a pioneer of Arte Povera whose legacy transcends time and space. More than 40 works They range from drawings and sculptures to photographs and projections, all converging on one point, the exploration of the relationship between human beings and the cosmos.

The legacy of Giovanni Anselmo: "Beyond the horizon"

The impact of Giovanni Anselmo on the current art scene is magnified through this retrospective. The exhibition, called «Giovanni Anselmo. Beyond the horizon », is a posthumous tribute to the vision of him, who died in December of last year. This is a unique opportunity for the inhabitants of Bilbao and visitors to the province of Bizkaia to discover the multiplicity of media and materials with which Anselmo experimented, reflecting his deep connection with natural and universal forces.

The essential themes in the work of Giovanni Anselmo

In addition, The exhibition reveals the recurring themes in Anselmo's work. space, time, orientation, and interaction with magnetic fields and gravitational. Through his work, Anselmo invites us to reflect on our position in the universe, challenging traditional perceptions of art and reality. According to Gloria Moure, this is the largest and most important exhibition dedicated to the artist, highlighting not only his technical innovation but also his ability to excite and connect with the essentials of human existence.

Anselmo's artistic transformation

Since 1965, after a revealing episode on the Stromboli volcano, Anselmo abandoned traditional art forms to focus on a more authentic representation of reality. This transition is reflected in the first pieces of the exhibition, marking the beginning of an artistic search that challenges the notion of structure and permanence.

A journey through the multiple forms of art

The works present in the exhibition cover a wide spectrum of artistic expressions. From the imposing Untitled (1996), an iron bar that defies stability, to While Towards Overseas the Color Lifts the Stone (1995-2023). A work that interacts with the museum space in a unique way. Other pieces, such as Untitled (Eating Structure) from 1968, capture the transformation of natural energy and the inevitable influence of gravity and time.

Exploring the interaction between art, space and viewer

The exhibition not only includes physical works, but also projections that play with the presence of the viewer. Creating a dialogue between art, space and the public. These lighting interventions, projecting words such as 'detail', 'everything', and 'infinity', highlight the perception of art as a shared and deeply personal experience.

Guggenheim Museum Giovanni Anselmo
A unique experience with more than 40 works that explore time, space and nature

An invitation to reflection and transformation

For the citizens of Bilbao and the province of Bizkaia, this exhibition represents an exceptional opportunity to connect with an artist who, although no longer with us. He continues to challenge our perceptions and enrich our cultural dialogue. The Giovanni Anselmo retrospective at the Guggenheim Museum is not only a tribute to his artistic career. But also an invitation to explore the depths of our existence and our relationship with the universe.

Undoubtedly, the exhibition «Giovanni Anselmo. Beyond the Horizon" is a testament to the artist's relentless quest to understand and represent the invisible connections that define our reality.. It is an unmissable opportunity to experience first-hand how art can transcend canvas, stone or metal, becoming a bridge to the infinite. This trip, offered by the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao, promises to be a transformative experience. Reaffirming the city's place as a beacon of culture and art worldwide.

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