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The tradition of Gazta Fest a tribute to culture and flavor

Mairenis Gomez

June 5, 2024 | 8:00 pm

Bilbao celebrates its Idiazabal cheese and local agriculture festival

From June 7 to 16, the Old Town of Bilbao comes to life with the Gazta Fest, an event that pays tribute to the Basque cheesemaking tradition and local agriculture. This festival, which is celebrated annually, stands out for its numerosas actividades and competitions that attract locals and visitors alike.

Gazta Fest is not just a fair; It is a celebration of the culture and know-how of the shepherds and farmers of the region. Bilbao's Plaza Nueva becomes the epicenter of a festival that includes commented tastings, agri-food fairs and pintxos competitions. All of this revolves around Idiazabal cheese, an emblematic product that reflects the dedication and care of the Basque shepherds.

A festival full of activities for all tastes

During these ten days, attendees can enjoy a wide variety of activities. The XIX Idiazabal de Pastor 'Villa de Bilbao' Cheese Competition is, without a doubt, one of the most anticipated moments. This competition, held in Plaza Nueva, brings together the best Idiazabal cheese producers, who compete for the prestigious award. This cheese, made with latxa sheep's milk, is famous for its intense flavor and unique texture, qualities that the judges meticulously value.

In addition to the cheese contest, the festival includes the agricultural fair, where visitors can purchase fresh, high-quality products directly from local producers.s. Fruits, vegetables, sausages and, of course, cheeses fill the stands at the fair, offering an authentic and delicious gastronomic experience.

The commented tastings are another of the featured activities of the Gazta Fest

Even the commented tastings are another of the featured activities of the Gazta Fest. Cheese experts guide participants through a sensory journey, explaining the characteristics and singularities of Idiazabal cheese. These tastings are not only an opportunity to taste this delicious product, but also to learn about its production process and the history behind each piece.

The pintxos contest: creativity and flavor in every bite

The Gazta Fest also hosts the IX Idiazabal de Pastor de Bilbao Cheese Pintxos Competition, where local chefs demonstrate their creativity and culinary skill. This contest, held in Plaza Barria, is an opportunity to see how Idiazabal cheese can be the star ingredient in a variety of innovative and delicious pintxos. Attendees can taste the creations and vote for their favorites, becoming an active part of the festival.

The festive atmosphere of Gazta Fest is complemented by live music, workshops and activities for children, creating a complete and family experience. The festival not only celebrates cheese and agriculture, but also community and tradition, making each edition an unforgettable event.

Bilbao's Plaza Nueva becomes the epicenter of a festival that includes commented tastings

A legacy that lasts

Gazta Fest is more than an event; It is a manifestation of Basque culture and recognition of the hard work of shepherds and farmers. Each edition of the festival reinforces Bilbao's commitment to sustainability and the promotion of local products, ensuring that these traditions endure and prosper.

Ultimately, Gazta Fest is an unmissable event for all lovers of cheese, gastronomy and culture. A festival that not only offers activities for all tastes, but also celebrates and preserves the rich legacy of the Basque region. Don't miss this opportunity to enjoy the best that Bilbao has to offer and immerse yourself in a unique and unforgettable experience.

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