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Villalibre and his band will star in the Mundaka festivities

Mairenis Gomez

June 19, 2024 | 3:00 pm

The elektrotxaranga of Asier Villalibre, Athletic Club forward, will be the main protagonist of the Mundaka festivities this July

The elektrotxaranga by Asier Villalibre will be one of the great attractions at the upcoming Mundaka festivities. This event, which will take place on July 6, promises to be unforgettable for all attendees. The band, made up of the charismatic Athletic Club forward and his friends, will give a show full of energy and good music.

An event full of tradition and fun

The Sukalki Eguna is one of the most awaited celebrations in Mundaka. This day is not only notable for the gastronomic contest, but also for the numerous activities that accompany it. There will be a kalejira, fanfare, a ball game and a pilgrimage to close the night. The presence of the Villalibre elektrotxaranga adds a special touch to this festive day.

A band born from friendship and passion for music

The elektrotxaranga was born from the friendship between a group of friends from different areas of Txorierri. His popularity has grown significantly, especially after his improvised performance at the Athletic Cup title celebration through the streets of Bilbao. This band has managed to win the affection of the public with its energy and enthusiasm in each performance.

Basque classics to liven up the festivals

In their concerts, the elektrotxaranga focuses on Basque classics that never go out of style. Topics like 'The girl from Batzoki', 'Sarri Sarri', 'Txoria txori' y 'Heart of tango' They are part of his usual repertoire. These hymns, covered by the band, have resonated at parties in towns such as Berango, Algorta and Zornotza, and will undoubtedly do so again this summer in Mundaka.

An unmissable show in Mundaka

If something characterizes Villalibre's elektrotxaranga, it is its ability to connect with the public and create an unparalleled festive atmosphere. The combination of music, tradition and Villalibre's charismatic presence promises to make his performance in Mundaka a memorable event.. It is not only an opportunity to enjoy good music, but also to live an enriching cultural experience.

The influence of nationalist ideology on his music

The band does not hide its nationalist ideology and this is reflected in its songs. Each performance is a celebration of Basque culture and a way to keep traditions alive through music. This connection with his roots is one of the aspects that his followers value most and that contributes to the authenticity of his concerts.

Enjoy the Mundaka festivities with the performance of Asier Villalibre's elektrotxaranga

A summer full of music and tradition

With its next performance in Mundaka, the Villalibre elektrotxaranga reaffirms its commitment to Basque music and culture. This summer, the band will continue to bring their energy and passion to different locations, making each party special. The combination of tradition and modernity in its music is what makes the elektrotxaranga a unique and attractive proposal for all audiences.

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