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Basque Fest Festival in Bilbao highlights Arenal with gastronomy and Herri Kirolak

Mairenis Gomez

March 20, 2024 | 8:30 a.m.

An encounter with tradition and innovation

Let's talk about an event that has become an emblem for Bilbao and its visitors, the Basque Fest. It is not a simple festival; is the annual gathering where traditional Basque gastronomy and games, known as Herri Kirolak, come to life in the heart of Bilbao, more specifically in El Arenal. This space, emblematic and full of history, is transformed into a vibrant exhibition of Basque culture.

Basque gastronomy at its maximum splendor: the Txoko Gourmet at the Basque Fest

The Txoko Gourmet tent, with its more than 1.500 m², is more than a space; It is a sanctuary of flavors, colors and aromas. Representatives of Basque tourist regions such as Urdaibai, Rioja Alavesa and Gorbeialdea, among others, converge here to show the best of their kilometer zero gastronomy. I stop for a moment to imagine the intense flavor of the Idiazabal Cheese, the mild spiciness of the Ezpeleta peppers and the freshness of a good txakoli, and it is impossible not to feel a deep respect and admiration for our land and its products.

Tradition meets modernity: workshops and tastings to discover and learn

The activities carried out at Txoko Gourmet are a perfect fusion of tradition and modernity. The cooking workshops, which range from the preparation of typical pintxos to the exotic cod ceviche, are a window open to knowledge and pleasure. And what can we say about the express tastings; They are an invitation to travel through the senses, to discover new flavors and rediscover known ones, but from a different perspective.

Herri Kirolak: the vibrant heart of the Bilbao Basque Fest

The Basque Fest would not be the same without Herri Kirolak. These traditional sports events, which include everything from stone lifting to log cutting, are the life of the party. Each competition is an example of strength, skill and, above all, the passion that characterizes our people. When watching these games, one not only sees a sport, but a living expression of Basque culture.

A festival that goes beyond fun: a commitment to society and culture

Furthermore, the Basque Fest is a clear example of how an event can be at the same time fun, educational and committed to society. The proceeds from the workshops and tastings are allocated to social projects such as Etorkizuna Musikatan, demonstrating that culture and solidarity can go hand in hand. This aspect of the festival not only fills us with pride, but also reinforces our identity as a community.

Bilbao Basque Festival
An encounter with tradition and innovation

The Magic of Bilbao: A unique Adventure at the Basque Fest

Without a doubt, the Basque Fest is an unmissable event for those who want to experience Bilbao in a different way. The variety of activities, the quality of the products presented and the passion that is breathed in every corner of Arenal make this festival a unique experience. Whether you are interested in gastronomy, sports or simply want to enjoy the festive atmosphere, Basque Fest offers you a window into the purest essence of Basque culture.

The town of Bilbao and the province of Bizkaia have in the Basque Fest a clear example of how tradition and modernity can coexist harmoniously., offering locals and visitors an unforgettable experience.

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