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Bilboko Konpartsak: Tradition, autonomy and diversity in the popular festival

Bilboko Konpartsak Tradition, autonomy and diversity in the popular festival

Jeickson Sulbaran

June 11, 2024 | 9:09 a.m.

After the controversy arising from the manifesto signed by several artists against the vetoes, we want to respond and clarify certain points

So far, We have dealt with this matter privately so as not to fuel conflicts or generate artificial media interest. However, in recent weeks we have felt the need to offer a response to clarify the doubts raised by various media and people. We are aware that this response has been slow to arrive, since at Bilboko Konpartsak we make decisions in an assembly manner, listening to all the konpartsas, and furthermore, we are a group of volunteers who dedicate their free time to organizing parties popular.

Bilboko Konpartsak Federation It was created with the aim of promoting popular, participatory and diverse festivals for all Bilbao residents.. It has always been an unorthodox refuge for various movements and will continue to be so. However, in recent months, an internal issue has called this into question: the accusations that arose after the rejection of the Luberri konpartsa's request for incorporation in November. We want to highlight some ideas that will help clarify this issue.

Bilboko Konpartsak Tradition, autonomy and diversity in the popular festival

The federation is a sovereign decision-making body, with its own rhythms and procedures. These decisions are made collectively in an assembly, where each partner decides its position autonomously.. For example, there is an established procedure for the admission of new partners that includes specific steps, deadlines and conditions.

In January 2023, We received a request for admission from the newly formed Luberri group. They were asked to meet the same conditions that all partners must meet to prove that they are a partner, including:

  1. Have a certain number of members.
  2. Demonstrate affinity with the values ​​of Bilboko Konpartsak (normalization of Basque, environmentalism and feminism, among others).
  3. Show the ability to participate in the diverse and participatory environment of the federation, including good internal relationships based on trust and the ability to collaborate with people of diverse opinions.

An assembly and autonomous decision

At the annual general meeting in November 2023, representatives of the 27 konpartsas assessed whether the new group met the requirements to be admitted to the federation. The majority decided that at that time they did not comply. Each konpartsa had the opportunity to present their perspective and the decision was made in an assembly manner. It is important to highlight that each partner has autonomy to make their decisions and their opinions are legitimate and sovereign. We never question these decisions or allow interference with them.

After discussion and debate, the konpartsas decided that Luberri did not meet the requirements to enter the federation at that time. However, they were encouraged to participate in any Bilboko Konpartsak activities., and the door was left open so that, if they wished, they could make a new application for admission. Since that meeting, we have not received another request from Luberri. Instead, we got a veto accusation from him.

The recent manifesto presented, which affirms the existence of a veto by Bilboko Konpartsak, is not based on reality. We want to emphasize that the signatories of the manifesto did not contact the federation to contrast our perspective, something we consider a minimum of respect for our trajectory.

Our mission: Inclusive and participatory parties

We want to make it clear that the admission of new konpartsas is a sovereign decision of the federation. This does not imply a veto on participation in popular festivals. We do not accept the accusations of veto. Bilboko Konpartsak It is not just a resource for setting up a bar; There are many other options and spaces for that. Our mission is to promote popular festivals throughout the year, projecting our diverse values ​​and supporting consensual initiatives.

We are proud of our federation, whichHe has known how to overcome contradictions and adapt to each situation and reality. Our goal is to organize parties in an inclusive and diverse environment, not to be a space for political conflict. We will continue to collaborate with entities, groups and organizations that show willingness and willingness for healthy cooperation and that respect our values. This is what Bilboko Konpartsak is looking for.

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