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Bizkaia Arena: An end to the year with super concerts

Jesus Carames

October 14, 2023 | 7:30 am

Biscay Arena, the emblematic pavilion of the Bilbao Exhibition Center (BEC) in Barakaldo, dresses up to say goodbye to the year with a series of events that promise to be unforgettable. From concerts by renowned artists to festivals that bring together different generations, the venue is preparing to be the epicenter of culture and music in the last months of the year.

A Mosaic of Artists and Genres

Ura Bere Bidean It is presented as an innovative project that seeks to be a meeting point for Basque artists of different generations, creating a musical heritage in Basque that resonates in every corner of the region. Artists of the stature of Doctor Deseo, Gatibu and Rozalén, among others, will gather at this event, creating a mix of styles and voices that promise to be a unique experience for attendees.

Euskalgym: A Show of Rhythm and Coordination

El November 4th, Euskalgym, the rhythmic gymnastics gala, returns to Bizkaia Arena, establishing itself as an unmissable event on the fall events calendar. The skill, dexterity and synchronization of the participants become the focus of attention, in a celebration of the discipline and dedication that this sport requires.

Concerts that Resound in the Heart of Bilbao

Aitana y Melendi They prepare to take the stage at the BEC, presenting their latest works and delighting the audience with their voices and melodies. Aitana, with her “Alpha Tour”, and Melendi, with “20 Años Sin Noticias”, promise to be events that will mark a before and after in the Bilbao music scene, connecting with their fans on a deeply personal and emotional level.

Morad: A Tale of Life and Resistance

Morad, known for its authenticity and lyrics that portray a life marked by resistance and struggle, will arrive at the BEC on November 18th to present “Reinserted”. Through his songs, Morad shares a sincere account of his experience, creating a bridge between his music and the realities of many.

Marea: Rock in the Veins of Bizkaia

Marea returns with “Los coltos del tiempo” and its “Gira sin reinidas 2023”, making a stop at Bizkaia Arena on November 25th. The band, known for its energy and passion on stage, promises a concert that will make all attendees vibrate, on a night where rock will be the undisputed protagonist.

Musical Diversity for All Tastes

From electro-Latin to 90s music, Bizkaia Arena becomes a space where different genres and musical styles meet. "I love Reggaeton" and "Love the 90's Bilbao" are just two examples of how musical diversity is celebrated and welcomed at this venue, creating unforgettable nights for music lovers.

Conclusion: Bizkaia Arena, a Refuge of Culture and Music

In the last months of the year, Biscay Arena It becomes a refuge where music and culture are lived and celebrated in all their forms. From the passion of rock to the energy of reggaeton, each event becomes a unique chapter in the venue's history, creating memories and experiences that will resonate in the hearts of attendees for a long time.

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