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Bizkaia launches “Bizkaia with the talent” to attract and retain talent

Mairenis Gomez

May 31, 2024 | 8:00 p.m.

The Provincial Council of Bizkaia presents its new brand, “Bizkaia with the talent”, an innovative strategy that seeks to develop, attract and retain STEM talent

The commitment of the Provincial Council of Bizkaia with the development, loyalty and attraction of STEM talent is crucial for the competitiveness of the territory. This initiative, known as "Bizkaia with the talent", was born after two years of intense work on the "Commitment to Talent" project. This effort seeks to address the growing demand for scientific-technological talent (STEM, Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) by local companies.

The “Bizkaia with the talent” strategy and its impact on the business community

The “Bizkaia with the talent” strategy is deployed through 13 collaborative projects in various phases of development, with the participation of more than 40 organizations. These include universities, vocational training centers, clusters, business associations, institutions and the main companies in Bizkaia. The Provincial Council of Bizkaia has committed an investment of 10 million euros until 2027 to ensure the success of this strategy.

Featured projects to attract and understand STEM talent in Bizkaia

Among the notable projects are the Talent Observatory, the Study of the motivations of young people, and the Digital Talent Center. These projects seek not only to attract and develop talent, but also to understand the motivations of youth and adapt business strategies to retain these emerging talents.

The Talent Observatory aims to monitor and analyze the trends and needs of the labor market in terms of STEM talent. This detailed analysis will allow companies to anticipate changes and adapt their human resources strategies. On the other hand, the Study of the motivations of young people focuses on understanding what factors influence the choice of careers and professional paths in STEM areas.

Collaboration as a fundamental pillar of success

Collaboration is a central aspect of this initiative, and the participation of more than 40 organizations reflects the magnitude and commitment of the project. Universities such as the University of Deusto and the UPV/EHU, together with vocational training centers such as Ikaslan Bizkaia, play a crucial role in the education and training of local talent. In addition, important companies in Bizkaia, such as Iberdrola, Ingeteam and Petronor, are involved in these projects, contributing their experience and resources for the development of talent.

An example of this collaboration is the Smart Grid Academy, which focuses on training professionals in the use of advanced technologies. and innovative solutions in the field of smart networks. This type of specialized training is essential to maintain the competitiveness of Bizkaia companies in a constantly evolving global market.

The House of Talent: a space for collaboration and innovation in Bizkaia

The House of Talent is another notable project that provides a physical and virtual space for the exchange of ideas, collaboration between professionals and the development of innovative projects. This initiative seeks to create a community of talent that can support each other and contribute to the sustainable growth of the territory.

An innovative initiative to attract and retain STEM talent, strengthening the competitiveness and sustainable development of the territory.

A bet on the future

With the creation of “Bizkaia with the talent”, the Provincial Council of Bizkaia reaffirms its commitment to attracting and developing talent in the territory. This effort not only strengthens Bizkaia's positioning as a benchmark in innovation and sustainable growth.

Ultimately, "Bizkaia with the talent" is an ambitious initiative that seeks to transform the employment and educational landscape of Bizkaia, ensuring that local talent can flourish and contribute to the sustainable development of the territory. Investment in STEM talent is an investment in the future of Bizkaia.

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