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Borja Cobeaga begins filming “Los aitas” in Bilbao

Mairenis Gomez

June 17, 2024 | 5:00 pm

Borja Cobeaga begins filming a comedy set in Bilbao in the late 80s, with an outstanding cast and a script focused on fatherhood and childhood

In Bilbao, there is an air of excitement and nostalgia with the start of filming from "The Aitas". This comedy, directed by Borja Cobeaga, takes us back to the late 80s. With the participation of EITB, the film promises us a mix of laughs And memories.

An exceptional cast leads this film, with Quim Gutiérrez, Juan Diego Botto, Ramón Barea and the talented Sofía Otero in main roles

I'm excited to see Quim Gutiérrez, Juan Diego Botto and Ramón Barea in the lead roles. In addition, the young Sofía Otero, winner of the Silver Bear in Berlin, brings freshness to the cast. Along with her, Irati Goitia, Mara Garcés Renedo, Vera López, Irati García and Aitor Sanz Álvarez also shine in this production.

Cobeaga, known for his work on “Pagafantas” and “8 Basque Surnames,” co-writes this film with Valentina Viso. The story focuses on a group of parents who must accompany their daughters to a rhythmic gymnastics championship in Berlin. Although the premise may sound simple, Cobeaga assures that it is much deeper, exploring parenthood and the relationship between parents and children.

The story is set in the working-class periphery of Bilbao, where a children's rhythmic gymnastics team faces a journey full of challenges and self-discovery.

In the working-class suburbs of Bilbao, a children's rhythmic gymnastics team receives the opportunity to participate in a championship in Berlin. The responsibility of accompanying the girls falls on their parents, who do not seem very interested in either the trip or the sport. This contrast generates comic and reflective situations.

Borja Cobeaga explains that this is his first script about fatherhood, but he has discovered that the story is more about being a son or daughter. This approach brings an emotional and personal dimension to the film, exploring how the pattern of parenting has changed between generations.

"Los aitas" promises to be a road movie full of humor and reflection

The combination of a solid script, a talented cast and Cobeaga's experienced direction ensures that "Los aitas" will be a memorable film. The dynamics between the characters and the nostalgic setting of 80s Bilbao create a perfect framework to explore universal themes of family and personal growth.

Borja Cobeaga begins filming Los aitas, a nostalgic comedy set in Bilbao in the late 80s

It's exciting to think about how this film will resonate with audiences, especially those who lived through that time in Bilbao. The mix of humor and emotional depth promises to leave a lasting mark on those who see it.

Borja Cobeaga and his team are ready to take us on a journey full of laughter, memories and reflections on what it means to be a father and son. I can't wait to see how this story develops on the big screen and how it will resonate with audiences in Bilbao and beyond.

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