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Culinary creativity in the Old Town with the pintxo burger contest

Culinary creativity in the Old Town, with the 'pintxo burger' contest

Jeickson Sulbaran

February 19, 2024 | 7:52 p.m.

The hamburger, that global icon of fast food, has evolved in Bilbao to become an example of culinary art. It is no longer just a quick bite, but a gastronomic experience that challenges the limits of creativity and good taste. In Bilbao, this dish has found a new area of ​​expression: pintxos. Thus, the traditional hamburger is transformed into a miniature, a 'pintxo burger', combining the essence of fast cuisine with the sophistication of the most elaborate dishes.

This year, the Casco Viejo 'Pintxo Burger' Contest returns, building on last year's resounding success. In this competition, 16 bars and restaurants from the historic heart of Bilbao face off in a battle of flavor and originality. Each location presents its version of the 'pintxo burger', showing an impressive variety of flavors and presentations. The Casco Viejo Merchants Association, organizer of the event, has given participants carte blanche to innovate, without restrictions on ingredients or condiments.

The flavors of innovation in every bite in pintxo burger

Culinary creativity in the Old Town, with the 'pintxo burger' contest

This year's 'pintxo burgers' promise to be an explosion of flavor. Participants have taken creativity to the limit, offering proposals ranging from dry-aged meat to unexpected combinations with foie and exquisite sauces. This contest is a unique opportunity to experiment with food, to take your palate to new worlds of flavor and texture.

But the 'Pintxo Burger' Contest is not just a competition for chefs and restaurants; It is also an invitation to the public to be part of this culinary festival. Attendees have the opportunity to vote for their favorite 'pintxo burger'. Furthermore, participating in the vote not only means supporting your favorite establishment, but also the possibility of winning a dinner for two. This direct interaction between chefs and diners is what makes this event more than just a contest; It is a celebration of community and passion for good food.

The 'pintxo burgers' route takes food lovers on a journey through the Old Town, discovering the flavors that each bar or restaurant has prepared with care. From Plaza Unamuno to Plaza Nueva, passing through emblematic streets such as María Muñoz and Correo, each location offers a unique experience, a window to the imagination and talent of Bilbao's chefs.

In short, the 'Pintxo Burger' Contest is much more than a gastronomic competition. It is a sample of the evolution of cuisine, a celebration of innovation and creativity. It is an opportunity for Bilbao residents and visitors to immerse themselves in a unique culinary experience, where each 'pintxo burger' is a miniature work of art, a piece of the culture and flavor of Bilbao.

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