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Dirty Honey present their new album in Bilbao

Dirty Honey will launch their new album with concerts in Barcelona, ​​Madrid and Bilbao

Laura Rangel Ybarra

November 20, 2023 | 7:30 pm

Dirty Honey, the Californian band that has revolutionized the rock scene, announces his arrival to Bilbao. The group, made up of Marc LaBelle on vocals, John Notto on guitar, Justin Smolian on bass and Corey Coverstone on drums, promises an unforgettable night on the stage of the Cafe Antzokia.

An unparalleled musical journey

The tour, which also includes stops at Barcelona and Madrid, is a sample of their new album «Can't Find The Brakes». This work, released under the label Dirt Records, has the production of Nick Didia, known for his work with artists such as Alice Cooper and Bruce Springsteen.

Dirty Honey's unique style

Dirty Honey, which combines influences from legendary bands such as Guns N'Roses and LA Guns, have achieved a distinctive sound that has earned them worldwide recognition. Marc LaBelle, the vocalist, describes the new album as “a time capsule of our lives right now”.

Concerts that will mark history

The band, after their success on previous tours, returns to Spain with tickets now on sale. Their concerts are known for their unmatched energy and deep connection with the audience. Bilbao, with its vibrant music scene, is the perfect place to experience the power of Dirty Honey's new album.

Tickets and dates

Hen/Stag tickets for the concert in Bilbao, as well as those in Barcelona and Madrid, are available in www.lasttour.org y www.seetickets.com/es. It is expected that, as on previous occasions, tickets will sell out quickly, given the group's growing popularity in Europe.

Dirty Honey is not only a band; andIt's an experience that redefines the rock genre. Their concert in Bilbao is not just a musical event, it is a date with the history of modern rock.

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