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Esne Beltza and Dupla lead the Otxomaios de Orduña concert lineup

wilmer ayala

April 16, 2023 | 11:00 a.m.

Orduña festivities from May 5 to 14 with activities and music for everyone

Esne Beltza y Double lead the concert program for the Otxomaios festivities in Orduña, which will be held from 5 al 14 de mayo. During these days, the crews will take to the streets again, filling the city with animation and joy.

Musical programming in Otxomaios

On Friday, May 5, the reading of the proclamation and the launching of the traditional txupinazo will kick off the festivities. The same day, Akerbeltz taldes will offer a pilgrimage, followed by the animation of a DJ. On Saturday, Dupla, an urban music band that blends pop, electronic music and hip-hop aesthetics, will perform together with DJ The Show Party and another DJ at Bihotza Konpartsa's txosna.

On Sunday, the concerts will continue with Gwaya Reggae y Placton Plays Tick in Burbuilak square. On Monday, May 8, the orchestra The resistance will make the audience dance with themes from different genres and eras. The musical programming will resume on Friday the 12th with the festival of Zutik and finally, on Saturday May 13, it will be the turn of Esne Beltza, who will present her mix of reggae, ska, hip-hop and trikitixa. The night will conclude with DJ Varro.

New crew activities

Three weeks after the start of the festivities, the Orduña City Council highlights the work of the association Ordunako Kuadrillak in the Otxomaios this year. For the first time, they have organized games between gangs on May 6 and a costume parade on Sunday the 14th, the last day of the festivities. The colorful parade will begin at 17:30 p.m., being the act prior to the traditional burning of the Bihotza mascot.

Those interested in participating in the parade must register before May 12 by completing a form available on the municipal website. After the parade, two economic prizes will be awarded to the best costumes of the gangs, chosen by a qualifying jury. The winners will receive 150 Euros and the second classified 100 Euros.

The City Council thanks these young people for recovering the activity of the gangs in the municipality, allowing them to enjoy new activities during the Otxomaios festivities.

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