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Grande Amore revolutionizes Bilbao's BIME with its tribute to Eskorbuto

Jesus Carames

October 27, 2023 | 7:56 am

In a night full of music and intense emotions, Grande Amore, the emerging musician from Galicia, left an indelible mark on the forum BIME of Bilbao. His unique interpretation of Eskorbuto's punk classic "It's a crime", from the 1986 album "Antitodo", has been the center of all conversations.

A Tribute at the Level of the Legend

Grande Amore, whose real name is Nuno Pico, has shown that his talent knows no limits. Accompanied on other occasions by Mariagrep and Clara Redondo, this time he has dared with an iconic song, providing a show that has left the public speechless.

In the new Crystal room, within the context of the professional music forum BIME, Grande Amore has done more than just a performance; has revived a hymn. Wearing a Motorhead t-shirt, he delivered an a cappella, clapping version of "It's a Crime" that made it clear that classics never die.

The video of the performance, recorded by Ultrasonic Concerts, is an eloquent testimony to this magical moment. In it, you can see and feel the passion with which Grande Amore has embraced the rebellious and transgressive essence of Eskorbuto.

Skorbute: A Living Legacy

Eskorbuto has been and continues to be one of the most influential Spanish punk bands. Although more than 30 years have passed since the death of Iosu and Juanma, two of its founding members, their music and spirit remain alive.

Pako Galán, the third member of the band, continues to keep the Eskorbuto flame alive with satellite projects that honor the group's legacy. This Grande Amore event at BIME has not only been a tribute; has been an affirmation that Eskorbuto's music remains relevant and powerful.

Bilbao: Stage of Unique Musical Encounters

The BIME forum in Bilbao has become a meeting point for musicians and music lovers from all corners. Grande Amore has been able to take advantage of this platform to show its art and pay tribute to one of the greats of Spanish punk.

Conclusions: A Moment to Remember

Grande Amore's performance at the BIME in Bilbao will be remembered as a moment in which music transcended the barriers of time and genre. His version of Eskorbuto's "It's a Crime" hasn't just been a tribute; It has been a vindication of the power of punk and music as forms of free and passionate expression.

Bilbao has witnessed how a Galician musician has managed to capture the essence of a legend, demonstrating that good music, talent and passion can converge on stage to create unforgettable moments. Grande Amore has shown that the classics never die and that the spirit of punk is still alive in new generations. Long live music, long live punk and long live Eskorbuto!

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