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Ibilaldia 2024 in Getxo: A celebration of Basque culture

Ibilaldia 2024 in Getxo A celebration of Basque culture

Jeickson Sulbaran

May 15, 2024 | 1:15 p.m.

Getxo is preparing for a new edition of Ibilaldia, immersing its participants in Basque culture through a varied program of activities

This event, which will take place on May 26, not only celebrates education in ikastolas, but also becomes an expression of Basque identity. The ikastola San Nikolas, host of the event this year, has designed a day full of activities that promise to be inclusive and participatory for all ages.

The choice of Getxo as the venue for Ibilaldia 2024 is especially significant, as it marks the return of this festival to the municipality after 22 years. The last time Getxo hosted this event was in 2002, and before that, in 1984 and at its inauguration in 1978. This return is seen not only as a celebration, but as a reunion with the roots and local history in the context of Basque education and culture.

This year's theme, 'Txonbo', invites attendees to fully immerse themselves in the Basque language and values.

'Txonbo', which means to immerse, symbolizes immersion not only in the event itself, but also in the Basque language and the cultural values ​​that ikastolas wish to promote. This word, which is used in both Basque and Spanish, ensures that the message of the holiday is accessible to everyone, regardless of their level of Basque.

This year's program is extensive and has been carefully curated to ensure that people of all ages can find something enjoyable. Four main areas have been established within Getxo, each one in an emblematic place in the town and designed to offer specific activities for different age groups. From educational workshops to concerts and recreational activities, the program seeks to ensure that each participant, whether child, youth or adult, can find a way to connect with Basque culture.

Ibilaldia 2024 in Getxo A celebration of Basque culture

Community participation has been a pillar of the organization of Ibilaldia 2024. The event's official song, 'Txonbo plazara', is a perfect example of this approach.. It has been composed with the collaboration of Lide Hernando, a local singer and former student of the ikastola, as well as fathers, mothers and members of the Algorta bertsolaris school. This song is not only a festive element, but also a reflection of the values ​​of cooperation and community that ikastolas seek to foster.

Ibilaldia 2024 is not just a festivity, but a platform for the expression and celebration of Basque identity through education and community participation. The event promises to be a space where tradition meets inclusivity, ensuring that each person, regardless of age or knowledge of Basque, can immerse themselves in the Ibilaldia experience. The Getxo community and its visitors are invited to participate in this cultural event, which more than a party, is a bridge to understanding and appreciation of the rich Basque heritage.

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