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"In salt water" is filmed in Bilbao and Mayor Aburto is seen

Mairenis Gomez

May 16, 2024 | 1:00 p.m.

The series “In salt water” transforms Bilbao with its filming in an unusual setting

The mayor of Bilbao, Juan Mari Aburto, together with the councilor of Economic Development, Commerce, Tourism and Employment of the Bilbao City Council, Xabier Otxandiano, and the director of Operations, Commercial and Logistics Development of the Port Authority of Bilbao, Andima Ormaetxe, have visited the filming set de "In salt water." This fiction series, directed by Swiss director Denis Rabaglia and produced by José Luis Escolar for Gatz Kalea Filmeak AIE, is a psychological thriller set in the naval universe.

The plot takes place on a Swiss freighter and presents an intriguing mystery

The story of "In Salt Water" takes place on a Swiss merchant navy freighter. The appearance of a body on the boat prompts the arrival of a Swiss police officer, played by French actress Maud Wyler, known for her roles in "Bernardette" and "The Life of Adele." The case she must solve is complex and full of unexpected twists. Carlos Bardem, famous for his role in "30 Coins", plays an active member of the crew, playing a crucial role in the plot.

A large cargo ship as an exceptional setting

The producer of the series, José Luis Escolar, has highlighted how unusual it is to use a ship the size of the Sider Luck, 156 meters long, as the setting for a television series. Most of the story takes place on this Bulk Carrier. After 22 days of filming in the Port of Bilbao, both with the ship docked and underway. The team is impressed by the perfection with which port operations have been developed.

Bilbao: the only possible place for this production

From the first moment, the production team was clear that the Port of Bilbao was the only suitable setting for this ambitious series. Bilbao's port infrastructure is one of the best equipped and managed for a filming of these characteristics. Last year, the Bizkaia Provincial Council approved a law to encourage audiovisual production, attracting high-level productions to the region.

Local collaboration has been key to the success of the filming

Director Denis Rabaglia has praised the facilities offered by Bilbao to carry out this complex filming. According to Rabaglia, very few places could have hosted this story and Bilbao has exceeded all his expectations. Bilbao City Council, the Port Authority, the Bilbao Bizkaia Film Commission and companies in the sector such as Erhardt or Segemar have been fundamental in the organization and execution of the project.

The filming of “In Salt Water” in Bilbao revolutionizes the city

An international production with local roots

Undoubtedly, The filming of "In Salt Water" takes place in locations in Bilbao (Bizkaia) and Geneva (Switzerland) during the months of March, April and May. The series will be available on various networks and streaming platforms worldwide in 2025. This filming not only puts Bilbao on the map of international audiovisual production. But it also demonstrates the city's capacity to host large-scale projects.

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