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Inkestas Rock Festibal de Sopela: Big Muff Brigade and Hexis join the 15th anniversary lineup

Mairenis Gomez

June 10, 2024 | 4:00 pm

Sopela prepares for the Inkestas Rock Festibal 2023

The Basque coast is preparing for an event that promises to break all expectations. The Inkestas Rock Festival of Sopela will celebrate its 15th anniversary on Friday the 13th and Saturday the 14th of September this year. Organized by Igor Etxebarría and the Sopela City Council, this free festival has established itself as a reference for lovers of rock and the most extreme metal.

A luxury poster for the 15th anniversary

This year, the festival poster leaves no one indifferent. The first confirmed bands were Deville, Formed Child, Voul and 20 Seconds Falling Man. Now, two more names are added that promise to raise the level even further, Big Muff Brigade and Hexis.

Big Muff Brigade is a local band known in the Bizkaia underground. Their pure stoner sound has accompanied numerous international bands since their formation. Additionally, this year, they will present their first album at the Inkestas Rock Festibal.

Get ready for a show that will make you train your cervical spine

On the other hand, Hexis, a band that has toured Europe with more than 150 concerts last year, finally arrives in Sopela. They have been part of festivals such as Motocultor Festival, Damnation Festival, Full Force Festival and Resurrection Fest. Get ready for a show that will make you train your cervical spine, because their energy on stage is unmatched.

A free festival with activities for everyone

Even the Inkestas Rock Festibal is more than music. It is a celebration of musical culture and the Basque coastal lifestyle. With free entry, this event depends on the support of its followers through social networks and word of mouth to reach the largest audience possible.

In addition to music, The festival will include various activities related to surfing, a sport that has a special place in the life of Basque coastal towns. These activities are an excellent opportunity to enjoy the festival atmosphere and the natural beauty of Sopela.

Big Muff Brigade and Hexis join the 15th anniversary lineup

An event for extreme metal lovers

This festival is a meeting point for fans of the most extreme and underground metal. Stoner and doom sounds will be the protagonists, but there will be room for other styles. The organization has worked hard to bring in bands that represent the best of the current music scene, both local and international.

Without a doubt, the 15th anniversary of the Inkestas Rock Festibal de Sopela promises to be an unforgettable event. With an impressive line-up and a series of activities for all tastes, this free festival is a must-see for rock and metal lovers. Don't forget to support and share on your social networks so that more people can enjoy this unique experience.

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