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Musikauzo 2021 brings 27 free concerts to the main neighborhoods of Bilbao

Miguel Castillo

April 30, 2021 | 4:00 p.m.

Although it is free, you must reserve the seat through the website enabled by the City Council

Musikauzo 2021 will bring to 22 musical groups de Bizkaia between May 5 and September. There will be 27 outdoor concerts, in the main districts of Bilbao which can be accessed free of charge. Of course, due to the conditions of the pandemic, the location will have to be withdrawn through the web www.BilbaoKultura.eus to ensure that the capacity is not exceeded.

One more year, streets and squares of the eight neighborhoods par excellence of Bilbao will be filled with various musical rhythms, like funky, swing, pop-rock, jazz or world music. A commitment to music and culture that has been in the some concerts whose entrance will be free, as reported by the City Council this Friday.

Musik Auzo 2021
Mice will open the MusikAuzo 2021 program

Mice will open Musikauzo 2021

Musikauzo 2021, is an initiative developed from the Department of Culture and Education of the Bilbao City Council. Its objective is to animate the streets of the Villa and decentralize the cultural offer, taking different street performing arts proposals to all the neighborhoods and districts of the city.

The program will open next Wednesday, May 5, with a performance by Mice, a solo project by Miren Narbaiza, in the Funicular de Castaños square. The event will start at 19:30 p.m. and will serve to open the curtain on this and 27 other concerts that will take place throughout the summer.

22 groups from Bizkaia in action

After this appointment will arrive, until September, those of Arantza eta Pantxo, Bilboko Txistulari Banda, Cigarrette Break, Confluence, Eider eta David, Iker Lauroba eta Beste Urtaroak, Jonu Kantautorea, Malú Garay Quartet, María Rivero & Tribu Banda, Masiompa, Mihailovic & Abi F., My Bastard Friend, Sutan Taldea, TBK – Txistuman Balkoitik Kalera, The BiniloŽs, Xukelak, Zazkel, Zorrotzako Rock Astea: Trapala, Atxazo, Lur Jota and Free like a Wind.

A total of 22 musical groups from Bizkaia, who will have the opportunity to show their different rhythms to the inhabitants of Bilbao. We remind once again that to attend these concerts it is mandatory to reserve tickets, free of charge, through the web.

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