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New sports activities at Sputnik Climbing Berango for all ages

Mairenis Gomez

June 4, 2024 | 7:30 pm

Sputnik Climbing Berango: summer camps for the little ones and climbing for all levels in Bizkaia

Sputnik Climbing Berango is a center specialized in indoor climbing activities, perfect for children and adults. Located near Bilbao, this climbing wall offers a complete experience to enjoy alone, in a group or with family. With climbing classes for all levels and ages, it becomes an ideal option for leisure and learning.

Summer camps at Sputnik Climbing Berango 2024

Sputnik Climbing is in the process of booking reservations for its summer camps. These camps are aimed at children ages 4 to 12, and focus on climbing and adventure. The little ones will have the opportunity to make new friends while practicing sports such as surfskate and golf. The activity offering is varied and fun, with a focus on nature, climbing and sustainability.

Summer camp activities not only seek to have fun, but also teach important values. Under the supervision of experienced educators, children learn physical and sports skills, at the same time they develop values ​​such as teamwork and respect for nature. The camps last 3 to 5 days and offer an educational and exciting experience for the little ones.

Climbing activities for all ages and levels

At Sputnik Climbing Berango, climbing is not just for children. Activities are offered for teenagers and adults, adapting to the abilities and objectives of each participant. From beginners to experienced climbers, everyone can find their place in this climbing wall.

In addition, climbing classes are taught by qualified technicians and are organized in small groups. This allows close and personalized monitoring for each person, ensuring that everyone can learn and improve their skills in a safe and controlled environment.. Activities adapted for companies, institutes and associations are also offered, with flexible and personalized schedules.

Sputnik Climbing offers free access to its facilities

For those who prefer to climb at their own pace, Sputnik Climbing offers free access to its facilities. Prices are affordable, with options from €11 for adults and €9 for children up to 15 years old.. In addition, you can purchase 10-session vouchers or monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual passes, and hire climbing classes starting at €65 per month for children and €70 per month for teenagers.

The Sputnik Climbing Cantina: a gastronomic and meeting space

Within the Sputnik Climbing Berango facilities is La Cantina, a bar-restaurant that offers a wide variety of drinks, tapas and Basque and international cuisine dishes. This space is not only a place to enjoy gastronomy, but also a meeting point for everyone, climbers or not.

These camps are aimed at children ages 4 to 12, and focus on climbing and adventure.

La Cantina organizes events such as concerts, presentations and parties, creating a welcoming and fun atmosphere. Recently, they have presented the Sputnik Espacial burger, which will compete in the "Best Burger in Spain 2025" contest.. In addition, La Cantina offers varied menus, including vegan, vegetarian and children's options, perfect for groups or special events.

Without a doubt, Sputnik Climbing Berango is much more than a climbing wall. It is a place where the practice of sports and physical activity is encouraged from an early age, offering a complete and enriching experience for all its visitors. Whether through its summer camps, climbing classes or its cozy restaurant, Sputnik Climbing Berango is the ideal destination to enjoy climbing and much more.

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