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Nine days of joy in Orduña with the Ochomayos festival

Nine days of joy in Orduña with the Ochomayos festival

Jeickson Sulbaran

May 3, 2024 | 9:30 a.m.

The Ochomayos celebrations in Orduña bring nine days of activities

Orduña dresses up to celebrate your traditional holiday of the Ochomayos, a series of events that promise to fill the region with joy and tradition. 1 al 9 de mayo. The beginning of these festivities is marked by the expected txupinazo, event carried out by the local group Txarlazo Mendi Taldea from the balcony of the Town Hall, symbolizing the beginning of a series of holidays designed to strengthen community ties and foster local pride.

The first day of festival is distinguished by a special ceremony in which those born in the last year are honored with the distribution of scarves, followed by the awarding of the best posters that have represented the essence of this year's festivities. Since then, the program offers varied activities that include culinary competitions, such as tortilla and paella, to sports competitions and popular games that allow local groups to demonstrate their skills and cohesion.

The festive atmosphere is amplified by nightly musical performances and street entertainment that guarantee entertainment until late into the night. Groups like OXABI, known in the region for their vibrant music, are an essential part of this cultural offer., providing a perfect musical background for nights of celebration.

Nine days of joy in Orduña with the Ochomayos festival

Inclusion of the elderly and the youngest in the festivities

A highlight of the festivities is the inclusion of all sectors of the community. The retirees of Orduña have a special day reserved for them, full of dances, community meals and concerts celebrating their contributions to the community. Children are not left behind, with a day dedicated exclusively to them, offering activities such as inflatables, games with big heads and children's activities, ensuring that the youngest ones are also protagonists in these festivities.

El May 8 is dedicated to the veneration of Our Lady of Antigua, patron saint of the city., with a solemn procession and masses in his honor. This act not only reinforces faith and tradition, but also unites the community in a spirit of reverence and collective celebration.

Improved connections for easier participation

A key factor for the success of the festivities is accessibility. This year, Renfe has implemented night train services on key days to facilitate travel between Orduña and Bilbao, thus allowing more visitors to join the celebration and enjoy the scheduled events without transportation worries.

Hen/Stag Ochomayos festivities in Orduña They are not only a demonstration of the rich culture and traditions of the region, but also a tangible example of how a community can come together to celebrate and foster a sense of belonging and collective pride. With a diverse program designed to include all age and social groups, Orduña is established as a model of local festivity that promotes inclusion, entertainment and communal cohesion.

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