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Registration open for the Bilbao Night Marathon

Registration open for the Bilbao Night Marathons

Jeickson Sulbaran

February 17, 2024 | 12:00 p.m.

The Bilbao Night Marathon, a sports and cultural festival that illuminates the streets of Bilbao, has already opened its registration for its sixteenth edition, scheduled for October 19. This event, more than a race, is a celebration of energy, passion and diversity, attracting athletes from all over the world to compete under the night sky of the capital of Biscay.

The magic of the night marathon: a unique experience in Bilbao

Imagine running under the stars, through the illuminated streets of one of the most vibrant cities in Spain. That is what the Bilbao Night Marathon offers. With three distances available – the full marathon (42,195km), the half marathon (21,097km) and the delightful 10km 'Pirate Race' – this event suits runners of all levels. Each kilometer of this route becomes a scene of festivity and personal challenge, where each step resonates with the energy of the city.

This marathon is not just an athletic competition; is a celebration of the global running community. With participants from more than 60 countries, it represents a meeting point for runners from all continents. Inclusion in the World Athletics Race Label calendar underlines its quality and international relevance, putting Bilbao on the map as a key destination for sports lovers.

A sporting spectacle that turns into a party in the streets of Bilbao

But the Bilbao Night Marathon is more than a race; It is a spectacle that awakens the city. The party begins on Saturday afternoon, not only with the races, but also with concerts and entertainment that make the event an unforgettable experience.. From the San Mamés Stadium to the iconic Guggenheim Museum, runners cross the main arteries of Bilbao, encouraged by the heat of thousands of spectators.

The night is transformed into a canvas of lights and sounds, with fireworks, flamethrowers, live music and DJ's creating an electrifying atmosphere. It is not just a race, it is a journey through the culture and history of Bilbao, an opportunity to experience the city in a totally different way.

In its sixteenth edition, The Bilbao Night Marathon seeks to surpass the success of previous years, where registrations sold out quickly. It is a testament to how this event has captured the imagination and hearts of more than 120.000 runners over the years, becoming much more than a marathon: it is a tradition, a festival and a symbol of Bilbao's indomitable spirit.

The Bilbao Night Marathon is an experience that goes beyond sport. It is a celebration of life, culture and community, an event that invites runners and spectators to join together for a night of joy, challenge and triumph. With registration now open, this October promises to be unforgettable for the city and its visitors.

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