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Ruper Ordorika announces the release of his new album: Bakarka bi

Ruper Ordorika announces the release of his new album 'Bakarka bi'

Jeickson Sulbaran

February 26, 2024 | 5:00 p.m.

It is a pleasure to report on the upcoming release of 'Bakarka bi', Ruper Ordorika's new album, scheduled for March 1st. This work, which follows in the wake of its predecessor 'Bakarka' from 2018, promises to be a deepening of the unique style and lyrical essence that characterize Ordorika. The selection of 12 songs for this album has been made with special care, seeking to reveal the essence of each song in a artifice-free format.

Ruper Ordorika, born in Oñati in 1956, is an iconic figure in the Basque cultural panorama. His career began to take shape in the 80s, after moving to Gasteiz in his youth, where his creativity flourished in a challenging environment. Since then, he has maintained a constant and significant presence in Basque music. His first album 'Hautsi da anphora', released in the 80s, marked the beginning of a career full of successes and musical exploration.

A career marked by exploration and innovation with his new album: Bakarka bi

Throughout his career, Ordorika has demonstrated an exceptional ability to evolve and reinvent himself. His discography, which is now enriched with 'Bakarka bi', is testimony to his tireless search for new sounds and textures in music. In this new album, the selected songs such as 'Erruduna', 'Zaindu maite duzun hori' and 'Zaldiaknegarez', are expected to reflect that same passion and experimentation that has characterized his work.

The album was recorded, mixed and mastered at the Mamia studio in Azkarate, under the supervision of Jonan Ordorika. This detail is crucial, as the environment and production process play a fundamental role in creating an album that seeks to capture the pure essence of the music.. Ordorika's approach on this project has been to strip the songs of anything superfluous to focus on what is essential, on the raw and authentic emotion that resides in each chord and each lyric.

A rock legend of music in Basque

Ruper Ordorika's influence on Basque music is indisputable. His participation in the formation of the Pott Band, along with figures such as Bernardo Atxaga, Joseba Sarrionandia and Joxemari Iturralde, marked an era and left an indelible mark on the cultural scene of Bilbao and beyond. With 'Bakarka bi', Ordorika not only adds another chapter to his impressive legacy, but also offers his fans and new audiences a musical journey that promises to be both introspective and innovative.

With 'Bakarka bi', Ruper Ordorika reaffirms himself as an artist who is not afraid to explore new horizons and challenge the limits of his own art. This album will not only be a gift to the ears of his followers, but also an invitation to reflect and connect with music in its purest and most honest form. Expectations are high, but if Ordorika has demonstrated anything throughout his career, it is his ability to exceed any expectation and surprise us time and time again.

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