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Ruper Ordorika returns to the stage with his second solo album 'Bakarka bi'

Ruper Ordorika returns to the stage with his second solo album 'Bakarka bi'

Jeickson Sulbaran

May 17, 2024 | 10:02 a.m.

Ruper Ordorika returns to the stage after more than 40 years of musical career

El Veteran Basque singer-songwriter, born in Oñati in 1956, has been a key figure in the renewal of Basque song. With a career that spans more than four decades and twenty albums, Drooling He continues to surprise with his capacity for reinvention and his passion for music. On this occasion, his new work, 'Bakarka bi', Collects solo, guitar and voice performances, of emblematic themes of his career.

Ruper Ordorika defines himself as an artisanal musician, far from the so-called "music industry". Since his first album in 1980, she has maintained a constant in her career: giving concerts and creating music. Influenced by blues, rock and Anglo-Saxon folk, his style has evolved over the years, although he has always maintained a special interest in texts and music from before the time of records.

The evolution of Basque music and its role in culture

Music has been and continues to be a dynamic and essential aspect of Basque culture. Ordorika highlights how music, once linked to celebrations and rituals, has changed with the arrival of technology, which allows constant access. This transformation has meant a significant change in the way music is experienced, but the essence and importance of popular song in Basque culture remain intact.

Ruper Ordorika returns to the stage with his second solo album 'Bakarka bi'

Although Basque has not achieved the same diffusion as other languages, Basque music has served to share the culture of the Basque Country with the world. Ordorika, who grew up listening to music in English, recognizes that music in Basque has a limited audience, but is aware of its cultural value. His international tours, such as the one carried out in Cuba, demonstrate the respect and cordiality with which his music is received, although sometimes with a certain cultural distance.

The future of music and advice to young musicians

For Ordorika, the future of music is unpredictable due to constant technological advances. However, firmly believes in the ability of human beings to adapt and create music with any tool available. His advice to young musicians is to be aware of the lack of job support in the world of music and to be prepared for a career that requires passion and dedication.

'Bakarka bi' is the result of years of solo performances, combined with concerts with his group. The album includes versions of songs from different eras, distilled to be performed only with guitar and voice. Ordorika admits that the public finds this approach shocking in a world of digital productions, but he sees it as a continuity of his work and a way to maintain the authenticity of his songs.

The return to the stage

El Next May 19, Ruper Ordorika will perform at Baluarte, where he hopes to connect with his loyal audience, those followers who have been by his side from the beginning. For him, this relationship with his audience is essential to advance his career. Playing solo allows him to reach smaller, more diverse venues, something he greatly values. His upcoming dates include concerts in Navarra, Iparralde, Bilbao, Vitoria and San Sebastián.

La Ruper Ordorika's career is a testament to dedication, evolution and love for music. With 'Bakarka bi', he continues to explore new paths and keep the essence of Basque song alive. His music, rooted in tradition but open to innovation, continues to be a vital part of the culture of the Basque Country.

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