June 20th, 2024 | 9:30

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Sondika will host the 'Herrian' cycle of the Bilbao BBK Live festival

Sondika will host the 'Herrian' cycle of the Bilbao BBK Live festival

Jeickson Sulbaran

May 22, 2024 | 9:00 a.m.

The event will feature performances by state and Basque musicians, such as Cala Vento, Chill Mafia, María Escarmiento and El Último Vecino

The Herrian cycle is presented again as an appetizer andn a town in Biscay of Bilbao BBK Live, a festival that will be held in Kobetamendi in July with stellar performances by Massive Attack, The Prodigy, Grace Jones, Underworld and Arcade Fire. This free cycle will take place in Sondika on June 15 and will feature a program featuring performances by state and Basque musicians such as Cala Vento, Chill Mafia, María Escarmiento or El Último Vecino.

The objective of Herrian, a cycle that emerged after the success of Hirian, with concerts in the urban area of ​​Bilbao, is to bring live music to the streets of other towns in Bizkaia with the help of the Creative Industries Foundation and the BBK Foundation. In this second edition, the chosen town was Sondika, which will experience a free access musical, festival and cultural day on June 15.

The initiative to bring music to the streets of Bizkaia: Herrian as an extension of Bilbao BBK Live

Among the state and Basque groups and artists chosen by the Basque promoter Last Tour, Cala Vento, Chill Mafia, María Escarmiento and El Último Vecino stand out. In addition, the lineup includes Gazzi, The Lizzards, Sal del Coche, the folkies Korrontzi, Alejo, Yougurinha Borova, Suave, Sarria and the rapper from Bermeo, Xsakara.

The essence of Herrian is to make music accessible to all audiences, without economic barriers. This inclusive approach has been one of the keys to the success of Hirian and now Herrian, attracting a diverse audience ranging from young people to entire families. Live music is not only a source of entertainment, but also a means to revitalize local communities and foster a sense of belonging and community pride.

Sondika will host the 'Herrian' cycle of the Bilbao BBK Live festival

The festival not only offers music, but is also complemented by parallel activities that promote local culture and creativity. From children's workshops to art exhibitions, Herrian seeks to create a festive and enriching atmosphere for all attendees.

Sondika: The epicenter of Biscayan musical culture on June 15

On June 15, Sondika will become the epicenter of Biscayan musical culture. The concerts, which will be distributed throughout various parts of the town, will allow attendees to enjoy a wide variety of musical styles, from the alternative rock of Cala Vento to the rap of Xsakara, through the folk of Korrontzi and the urban sounds of Chill Mafia.

This event not only benefits attendees, but also boosts the local economy. Sondika's businesses, from bars and restaurants to shops, are preparing to welcome a large number of visitors, which will generate a positive economic impact on the community.

Herrian is a unique opportunity to discover new talents and enjoy music in an accessible and close environment. The inclusion of both established and emerging artists ensures a diverse and high-quality lineup, capable of attracting a wide and varied audience.

A commitment to sustainability and community

The festival also has a strong commitment to sustainability. Measures have been implemented to minimize the environmental impact of the event, such as the promotion of public transportation, waste reduction and use of recyclable materials. Additionally, Herrian collaborates with local associations to ensure that the event directly benefits the Sondika community.

The Herrian cycle is a clear example of how music can be a powerful tool for social cohesion and community development. Collaboration between institutions, promoters and the local community is essential for the success of this type of initiatives. Herrian is not only a music festival, but a celebration of culture and creativity that strengthens community ties and enriches the cultural life of Bizkaia.

The event at Sondika promises to be an unforgettable day for all music lovers, offering a unique and accessible experience to enjoy some of the best musical talents of the moment. There is no doubt that Herrian will consolidate itself as one of the essential events on the Biscayan cultural calendar, bringing the spirit of Bilbao BBK Live to new audiences and stages.

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