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The Circus of Horrors in BiIbao

Maria Jose Gonzalez

November 26, 2023 | 12:00 pm

Between November 26 and December 3, Bilbao hosts the innovative Circus of Horrors, a show that mixes horror, humor and circus art.

Since its founding in 2006, the Circus of Horrors has revolutionized the traditional concept of the circus, fusing elements of horror, humor and avant-garde performances. This show has captured the imagination of more than 3 million spectators in five countries, bringing a breath of fresh air to the Spanish circus scene and reviving the interest of young audiences in this art form.

Innovation and renewal in the circus world

A unique show: The Circus of Horrors stands out for its unique approach to circus entertainment. Combining horror aesthetics with a touch of dark humor, it offers an immersive and exciting experience that challenges traditional circus expectations.

Genre Fusion: The show integrates elements of theater, cabaret and circus, creating a unique atmosphere that envelops the viewer from the first moment. The combination of stunts, special effects and dramatic performances creates a multi-sensory experience.

A commitment to youth

Recovering youth interest: The main objective of the Circus of Horrors is to reconnect young audiences with the world of the circus. Through his innovative and daring approach, he has managed to attract an audience that had lost interest in traditional circus shows.

Continuous evolution: The show is constantly evolving, incorporating new technologies and artistic trends to stay up to date and continue to surprise its audience. This adaptability has been key to its success and longevity.

The emblematic shows of the Circus of Horrors

Diversity of themes: The different shows of the Circus of Horrors, such as “Manicomio”, “Cabaret Maldito” and “Apocalypse”, offer various themes, each with its own identity and style. This allows the audience to experience different facets of the world of horror and fantasy.

Culture impact: The Circus of Horrors tour has left a significant cultural mark in each country it has visited, enriching the artistic scene with its original and daring proposal.

The Circus of Horrors experience in Bilbao

A city that embraces innovation: Bilbao, known for its openness to innovative artistic expressions, is the perfect setting for the Circus of Horrors. The city is preparing to experience a week of intense emotions and high-level performances.

High expectations: Both circus fans and art lovers in general await this new edition of the Circus of Horrors in Bilbao, anticipating a unique and memorable experience.

The Circus of Horrors represents a masterful fusion of art, horror and humor, offering a unique alternative to traditional circus shows. Its arrival in Bilbao promises to be a standout event in the city's cultural calendar, inviting viewers to immerse themselves in a world where innovation and creativity reign on stage. The combination of talent, passion and audacity makes the Circus of Horrors an unforgettable experience for all those looking for something more than a simple show: an artistic adventure without equal.

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