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Galdakao's Santakurtzak 2024 festivities will shine with Zea Mays, Mago de Oz, Bulego and Tremenda Jauría

Galdakao's Santakurtzak 2024 festivities will shine with Zea Mays, Mago de Oz, Bulego and Tremenda Jauría

Jeickson Sulbaran

May 29, 2024 | 7:09 a.m.

The festivities will be celebrated from September 13 to 22, chosen by the citizens of Galdakao

The expected Santakurtzak 2024 festivities in Galdakao They promise to be memorable, with a first class music poster. The groups Zea Mays, Mago de Oz, Bulego and Tremenda Jauría will be in charge of putting rhythm and energy into these festivities, which will take place from September 13 to 22. The choice of these artists has not been random; It has been the result of a participatory process in which the residents of Galdakao themselves have had the opportunity to vote and decide which groups they wanted to see live.

El Galdakao City Council has highlighted the importance of this participatory process, which not only promotes local democracy, but also ensures that festivities events reflect the tastes and preferences of the inhabitants. Since March, the galdakoztarras were able to propose their favorite musical groups. Of the 460 proposals received, those that met the established requirements were selected.. From there, a voting phase was opened so that citizens could choose from a list of finalists.

The result of this vote is a diverse and attractive poster. Wizard of Oz, known for their peculiar mix of metal and folk music, will be in charge of opening the festivities on September 13. The next day, September 14, the Azkoitiarra band Bulego will take over with their fresh and vibrant pop. The 20 of September, Tremendous Pack, with its powerful proposal of urban and protest music, promises a night full of energy. Finally, on September 21, Zea Mays will close the series of main concerts with its characteristic rock sound.

Galdakao's Santakurtzak 2024 festivities will shine with Zea Mays, Mago de Oz, Bulego and Tremenda Jauría

These concerts not only represent an opportunity to enjoy good music

The voting phase was very close. Wizard of Oz won against bands like Kaotiko, Boikot and Talko for opening night. Bulego, for its part, was the preferred choice over Chill Mafia, Oxabi and Su Ta Gar for the first Saturday of the holidays. Tremenda Jauría won over Mafalda, guaranteeing a vibrant night on September 20. And finally, Zea Mays stood out over Nogen and J. Martina to close the main concerts on September 21.

Ardanza Park will be the epicenter of these musical events, providing a suitable setting to receive thousands of attendees. The choice of location is not accidental; Its size and location make it the ideal space to enjoy outdoor concerts, guaranteeing the safety and enjoyment of all those present.

The Santakurtzak programming is not limited only to concerts

There will be sports, workshops, children's shows and many other proposals designed so that each neighbor can find their space and enjoy the festivities to the fullest. It is a time of meeting and celebration, where the community is strengthened and the local culture is enriched.

The City Council's commitment to a participatory process not only democratizes the choice of events, but also reinforces the sense of belonging and community among the inhabitants of Galdakao. By allowing citizens to choose the artists who will be part of the festivities, it is ensured that these festivities are an authentic reflection of the tastes and preferences of the local population.

The Santakurtzak 2024 by Galdakao They promise to be unforgettable parties. With a musical lineup chosen by and for citizens, and a varied and accessible program for everyone, these festivals are an example of how citizen participation can enrich the cultural life of a community. Don't miss the opportunity to live and enjoy these days of celebration in Galdakao, where music, culture and community come together to offer truly special festivities.

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