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"Tontolapiko Eguna" returns to Durango to fill the heart with laughter and joy

Miguel Castillo

April 5, 2023 | 3:00 p.m.

Durango celebrates the second edition of the "Tontolapiko Eguna", a day full of humor and clown shows that seeks to keep alive the spirit of the classic clowns of the town.

The event, organized by the Durango City Council, San Agustin Kulturgunea and the company Ganso & Cia, will take place on April 7 and will feature a wide range of free performances for all audiences.

A day full of laughter and emotions

The main objective of "Tontolapiko Eguna" is keep alive the spirit of the classic clown in Durango, offering its inhabitants shows full of humor and fun. For this second edition, the offer of performances has increased, presenting seven free shows for all ages.

Among the most notable performances is MDR, a show offered by the legendary Catalan company Los Galindos. Los Galindos are known for their circus skills and hilarious performances, which have left their mark on numerous stages nationally and internationally.

A varied selection of shows

In addition to Los Galindos, the public will be able to enjoy The Petite Caravane, by the Asturian Adrián Conde. This show combines the magic of the puppet theater with the humor of the clown, creating a unique experience for the spectators.

From Navarra, the Parena Konpainia will present Siroko, a show that mixes different artistic disciplines, such as dance, theater and the circus. On the other hand, from Andalusia, the group La Nordika will offer their fun performance entitled Naive.

The quote also includes Tontolapiko Kabareta, a space where three clown cabaret artists will present short pieces: Bea Egizabal (Gipuzkoa), Badut Taldea (Gipuzkoa) and Noche Dieguez (Aragón).

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