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14-year-old teenager dies from consumption of energy drink with 'pink cocaine'

teenager energy drink

Mairenis Gomez

February 19, 2024 | 3:56 p.m.

A tragic event moves Getafe

On a night that promised to be like any other for a group of teenagers in Getafe. Tragedy loomed over them in the most unexpected and heartbreaking way. A teenager of just 14 years old dies after ingesting a can of energy drink which, without their knowledge, was mixed with an extremely dangerous substance known as 'pink cocaine' or 'tusi'. This incident has not only left an immense void in the heart of a family but has also setting off alarms about the risks that our young people run today.

The night that changed everything

The night of the event, the teenager and two friends were around the Los Espardales metro station in Getafe. A place that for many represents a regular meeting point. What started as a chance meeting with new acquaintances made through Instagram ended in an unimaginable tragedy.. According to reports, these individuals added approximately two grams of 'tusi' to the young man's drink without him or his friends realizing it. The quick escape of these subjects and their subsequent mockery on social networks about the act committed adds another layer of cruelty to the already devastating event.

The response of the community and authorities

The death of this young man has not only shocked the Getafe community but has revealed the vulnerability of our adolescents to the negative influences and dangers that lurk in spaces that should be safe. The National Police, under the complaint of the deceased's parents, is investigating the case as a possible crime of homicide. This event has also caught the attention of the Juvenile Prosecutor, who will be in charge of taking statements from those involved and deciding on the investigations to follow.

A call to reflection and action

This tragic incident should serve as a stark reminder of the importance of maintaining an open dialogue with young people about the risks associated with substance use and trust in the social environment. Prevention and education are essential to prevent tragedies like this from happening again. It is imperative that, as a society, we work together to create safe environments for our young people and foster a culture of mutual respect and care.

teenager energy drink
The tragedy took place one Friday night, around the Los Espardales metro station.

Towards a safer future

The death of this teenager after ingesting a can of energy drink should motivate us to seek significant changes in our community. It is crucial that stricter measures be implemented to monitor social media and promote greater awareness about the dangers of consumption. of adulterated substances. Additionally, it is essential that community ties are strengthened so that our young people feel supported and protected.

Undoubtedly, This event is not only a tragedy for the family of the deceased young man but for the entire community of Getafe. and, by extension, for our society. We must take this event as a turning point to reevaluate how we protect and educate our young people. Thus guaranteeing a future in which they can grow and prosper without fear.

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