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2 arrested at PNV rally

Jesus Carames

April 18, 2024 | 9:52 p.m.

During a political event of the Basque Nationalist Party (PNV) in Vitoria, a father and his adult son they were arrested in circumstances that have raised questions about police action. This incident has generated a debate about the fullfilment of security requirements and civil rights in public events.

The rally, led by Andoni Ortuzar, president of the PNV, was taking place in the Plaza de la Provincia when the incident occurred. The detainees, who were located outside the perimeter of the event, were approached by plainclothes agents from the Ertzaintza. The witnesses stated that the two men did not show suspicious or disruptive attitudes at the time of the police intervention.

Chronology of events

The situation escalated when the agents asked the men to identify themselves. The son's refusal to comply with the request led the officers to physically proceed, resulting in him falling to the ground and subsequently being handcuffed. The father, when trying to intercede, was pushed in the opposite direction, which exacerbated the tension of the moment.

According to sources from the Security Department, the detainees were labeled as "suspects", although the specific reason for this suspicion was not detailed. This point has been central to subsequent criticism, as the lack of clarity and the apparent absence of an imminent threat have called into question the justification of the arrests.

reactions and consequences

The way in which the arrest was carried out has been widely questioned, especially the force used to subdue the young man. Those involved have been accused of serious disobedience and attack, for resisting and refusing to identify themselves.

This incident has highlighted the delicate balance between security during public events and respect for civil rights. The community and rally attendees have expressed concern about what they see as excessive use of force and a potential violation of personal rights.

Reflection on security and civil liberty

The event in Vitoria is a reminder of the importance of prudence and proportionality in law enforcement responses. While security at political events is paramount, it is crucial that it does not compromise the principles of freedom and justice that form the basis of democratic society.

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