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30 people arrested for €1M fraud with the “Man in the Middle” method

Jesus Carames

May 7, 2024 | 11:45 a.m.

As part of the "Osgiliath" operation, the Civil Guard has arrested 30 people in various locations in Spain, involved in an international network that swindled more than one million euros using the method known as "Man in the middle" (MITM). ). This fraudulent scheme involves impersonating conversations between suppliers and customers, altering banking details to divert payments to criminals' accounts.

Details of the operation:

  • MITM method: Criminals infiltrated electronic conversations between companies and suppliers to modify payment details and divert transfers to their accounts.
  • Other tactics: False web pages were also created offering non-existent products (vehicles, machinery, homes) and personal data was obtained through false job offers.
  • Mule Network: A network of intermediaries was responsible for moving the money in exchange for commissions, while the leaders transferred it to accounts in Malta and Lithuania or converted it to cryptocurrencies.


  • 30 people (19 men and 11 women) between 19 and 56 years old were arrested.
  • Another 40 alleged perpetrators from various countries were identified, whose identities have been communicated to the authorities.
  • 153 bank accounts were intervened and 114.366 euros were recovered.
  • The operation had the collaboration of EUROPOL and police from 22 countries.

The operation was divided into two phases: the first, in December 2023, with five detainees in Getafe, Talavera de la Reina, Moratalla and Pegalajar; and the second, in March 2024, with 25 arrested in Lloret de Mar and Barcelona.

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