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Alberto González Amador, partner of Isabel Díaz Ayuso, declares as a defendant for tax fraud in the Madrid courts

Jesus Carames

May 19, 2024 | 3:57 p.m.

Alberto González Amador has an appointment next Monday in the Madrid courts. The partner of Isabel Díaz Ayuso, president of the Community of Madrid, testifies as a defendant to explain how it is possible that she managed to earn several million euros during the pandemic, while her Corporate Tax bill remained as low as in previous years. The case, revealed by elDiario.es, reveals a double tax fraud of 350.951 euros, including a network of false invoices that González Amador has acknowledged in exchange for avoiding jail.

The double life of a healthcare technician: tax fraud and commissions during the pandemic

González Amador was presented to the public as a health technician when it emerged that he had started dating Isabel Díaz Ayuso. However, he is a businessman in the health sector linked to the Quirón group, who made a fortune during the pandemic by acting as a commission agent in the purchase and sale of masks. González Amador earned more than two million euros in these operations, much more than his Maxwell Cremona company had invoiced since its creation.

To prevent his Corporate Tax bill from increasing proportionally, González Amador launched a system of false invoices that fictitiously increased the company's expenses, thus reducing the tax burden. Most of the fraud was perpetrated through two invoices totaling more than one and a half million euros, corresponding to fictitious jobs in Mexico and the Ivory Coast. The rest of the fraud was carried out through invoices from a network of companies without workers based in the Sevillian town of Arahal.

Recognition of crimes and the search for an agreement to avoid prison

In his 2020 return, González Amador paid 155.000 euros less in taxes, and in 2021 he saved another 195.951 euros. After an exhaustive investigation by the Tax Agency and a complaint from the Prosecutor's Office, the case reached a court in Madrid's Plaza de Castilla. The Public Ministry attributes two tax crimes to him in conjunction with another of document falsification. The people accused of helping him defraud the treasury are also charged.

González Amador has acknowledged in writing, through his lawyer, that he committed two tax crimes and is willing to pay his debt and accept eight months in prison in exchange for not having to go to prison. However, his statement overlaps with a parallel judicial investigation in which he presents himself as a victim of revelation of secrets by the same Prosecutor's Office that reported him.

The defense strategy and the accusations at stake

González Amador's defense strategy began when, in 2023, he tried to settle his debts by paying several hundred thousand euros more when submitting the 2022 tax return. The Treasury rejected this strategy, indicating that he was no longer in time to pay to avoid the accusation. This move was used by Isabel Díaz Ayuso and her right-hand man, Miguel Ángel Rodríguez, to argue that it was the Treasury that owed money to González Amador. Additionally, she attempted to void the two largest invoices from his fraud.

According to the Treasury and the Prosecutor's Office, these attempts were nothing more than an implicit recognition of their double tax fraud. González Amador explicitly admitted his crimes by writing to the Public Prosecutor's Office, offering a deal: four months in prison for each crime, paying his debt with interest, but not carrying out the sentence or going to prison.

This Monday, González Amador will appear in court 19 in Madrid's Plaza de Castilla. It remains to be seen if he will continue with his offers and acknowledge the crimes, seek to defend his innocence or request the annulment of the process. His lawyers allege that a statement from the Prosecutor's Office affected his right to defense.

A complex and multifaceted court case

González Amador's statement marks the beginning of a judicial case in which not only the Prosecutor's Office is involved. The State Attorney's Office, representing the Treasury, is also present, along with the popular accusations of PSOE and Más Madrid. These parties already understood in the previous phase that González Amador had committed a crime. González Amador's procedural strategy and his coincidence with that of the rest of the defendants will be key in the development of the case.

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