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Bilbao exports its butter buns

Jon Cake and his Barcelona interpretation of the traditional Bilbao butter bun.

wilmer ayala

October 12, 2023 | 5:44 p.m.

The Butter Adventure

An exquisite and delicate delicacy has begun to trace a new sweet route in the coordinates gastronomic Barcelona. Butter buns, whose origins sit firmly in the heart of Bilbao, are making their way into the Catalan city's vibrant culinary market, becoming an irresistible desire for dessert enthusiasts and seasoned gourmets alike.

The Emergence of an Icon

Jon Garcia, widely recognized in the gastronomic circle as Jon Cake, has been a fervent ambassador of authentic and memorable flavors, cementing its reputation with cheese tarts of unmatched flavor and texture. Now, the experienced pastry chef is on a mission to position butter buns as a culinary reference in Barcelona.

A Pastry Legacy

The butter bun, more than a simple dessert, represents a history, culture y tradition that is intertwined with Bilbao's identity. The essence of this cake lies in its apparent simplicity: a soft, spongy and slightly sweet dough, harmoniously filled with a butter cream that melts on the palate. Each bite is a trip down memory lane of generations that have perfected this culinary art.

The Beginnings of Sweetness

Although their exact origin is somewhat ethereal, the history of Bilbao butter buns has traces that date back to the nineteenth century, with the appearance of the Swiss Café. The techniques and ingredients have been refined over time, emerging as a specialty that generates both local pride and admiration from visitors.

Butter Buns and Barcelona: A Subtle Encounter

Developing the Art

Jon Cake's challenge is not only to reproduce this iconic candy, but also to imbue it with a Barcelona identity without fading its Bilbao essence. Through an exhaustive process of experimentation and refinement, he has managed to develop a version that, while paying homage to its origin, also features unique nuances.

An Experience in Every Bite

Each bun, meticulously crafted in Jon Cake & Wines, is the result of dedicated craftsmanship that combines tradition and innovation. The location of its store (c/Gelabert, 42, 08029, Barcelona) has become a meeting point for those seeking to explore the domains of genuine flavor, and each piece, priced at 2,90 euros, promises to be a memorable sensory journey.

An Aroma That Crosses Borders

The exodus of butter buns from Bilbao to Barcelona, ​​mediated by Jon's skillful hands, has given rise to a phenomenon that builds bridges between the culinary traditions of both cities. The familiarity mixed with a touch of exoticism has caused a warm reception among the people of Barcelona, ​​who, despite their abundant culinary offering, have found in these buns a new experience.

The Future of a Reinvented Classic

Innovation and Respect for Tradition

The arrival of butter buns to Barcelona under the direction of Jon Cake is more than a simple expansion of a delight. It represents the meeting and fusion of cultures and flavors, demonstrating that the gastronomy It is a universal language that connects people through shared and memorable experiences.

Lingering on the Palate

Will these delicate bites become an emblem of Barcelona pastry as they are in Bilbao? Only time will tell. However, Jon's ability to preserve authenticity while entering subtle new features predicts a bright future for butter buns in Barcelona.

In a scenario where culinary traditions dialogue, recipes are transformed and adapted, finding new homes y new hearts. Barcelona has opened its arms to butter buns, and it is exciting to glimpse the horizon, in which old traditions and new contexts coexist, building new chapters in the rich tapestry of global gastronomy.

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