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Bilbao wants to adapt to the needs of its youth

Bilbao youth

Mairenis Gomez

January 22, 2024 | 5:00 p.m.

The II Bilboko Gazte Panela defines the future

Bilbao, a city in constant evolution, faces the challenge of integrating its youth into the design of public policies. Bilbao City Council, aware of the importance of listening to and considering young voices, launches the II Bilboko Gazte Panela. This project is not only a space for dialogue, but a laboratory of ideas and youth proposals, where the youth of Bilbao becomes the protagonist of change and innovation.

Promoting diversity in Bilbao

In the search for a more inclusive and representative Bilbao, The II Bilboko Gazte Panela brings together 25 young people, carefully selected to reflect the diversity of the city. Among them, 13 continue their work from the previous edition, providing experience and continuity. The new call seeks young people between 18 and 30 years old, considering criteria of gender, district of residence, educational level, cultural origin and employment situation. It is a clear message, all the young voices of Bilbao are valuable and necessary.

Bilbao Hiri Gaztea 2022/25

Furthermore, the initiative, which is articulated around the Local Youth Agenda “Bilbao Hiri Gaztea 2022/25”, aims to objective to empower young people in the decision-making process. This encourages a two-way dialogue between the administration and youth, where both learn and grow. The young participants, distributed in four work teams, will have the opportunity to develop programs and actions in key areas such as social and environmental sustainability, youth programming and municipal communication.

Moving towards a sustainable future

Including, The impact of the I Bilboko Gazte Panela was significant, with proposals focused on improving municipal communication, supporting youth initiatives and programs for youth emancipation. The II Bilboko Gazte Panela promises to go further, with a focus on the 2030 Agenda and sustainability in all its dimensions. The inclusion of topics such as equity, gender equality, diversity and volunteering shows a commitment to a more just and equitable society.

Bilbao youth
This project is not only a space for dialogue, but a laboratory of ideas and youth proposals.

Process experience and rewards

The process is in itself an educational and enriching experience. Young people not only contribute their ideas and visions, but also learn about the functioning and challenges of municipal administration. ANDThis experience grants them financial compensation of up to €500, in addition to technical support and a purse of up to €2.000. for the development of their initiatives. It is an investment in your future and in the future of Bilbao.

Itxaso Erroteta's commitment

For its part, Itxaso Erroteta, Councilor for Youth and Sports, underlines the importance of this project. He affirms that the Bilboko Gazte Panela is a key tool to build a new model of relationship between the City Council and youth, based on mutual knowledge, closeness and dialogue. It is a space for collaboration and co-creation that brings young vision to the design of public policies.

Bilbao: a future forged by its youth

This project represents more than a youth participation initiative; He is a model to follow in municipal management. By empowering young people and giving them an active role in decision making. Bilbao not only responds to current challenges, but also prepares the ground for a more inclusive future.or and representative. The city becomes an example of how administrations can and should work with youth to build trust and collaborate in advancement and continuous improvement.

Ultimately, The II Bilboko Gazte Panela is a window to the future of Bilbao, a future designed and dreamed of by its youth. Registration for interested parties is now available on the municipality's website, bilbaogazte.eus. In addition, the Department of Youth and Sports has scheduled an information meeting to provide more information on January 24 at 18:00 p.m. at the La Perrera center, located at Sabino Arana 50.

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