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Ceus Coalition presents plurinational offer and asks to focus on Europe against noise

Mairenis Gomez

May 23, 2024 | 2:00 p.m.

PNV, Canarian Coalition, Geroa Bai and the Balearic Islands Proposta per les Illes sign the manifesto for the European elections

The Ceus coalition, composed of the PNV, Canarian Coalition, Geroa Bai and Proposta per les Illes, has presented a plurinational proposal for the next elections European June 9. During an event in Madrid, these groups signed a manifesto in which they advocate focusing the campaign on the Europe's problems and the territories, avoiding noise and partisan readings.

Call for a campaign focused on Europe

The president of the EBB of the PNV, Andoni Ortuzar, together with Uxue Barkos from Geroa Bai, Fernando Clavijo from the Canarian Coalition and Tolo Gili from Proposta per les Illes, signed a manifesto that includes concrete proposals to address current challenges. Ortuzar stressed the importance of a campaign focused on Europe and not on partisan or distant conflicts. "It is crucial to defend the interests of our nations and, at the same time, promote a more united and federal Europe," he said.

Barkos, for his part, highlighted that the best recipe against the extreme right is the plurality and diversity that these territories represent.. The campaign, which begins this Thursday night, seeks to activate the democratic vote to counter the advance of extremist movements.

Strengthening plurality and diversity in Europe

Clavijo regretted that the elections are used as a chess game, instead of focusing on the interests of European citizens. He insisted on the need to respect the identities of the people and address specific problems such as those faced by the Canary Islands. Barkos also warned about the advance of Euroscepticism and the extreme right, and underlined the importance of plurality and coexistence in diversity as tools to face these challenges.

Furthermore, Gili claimed the need for a Balearic voice to be heard in Europe, highlighting the lack of representation in recent decades. Despite the geographical diversity of the coalition, from the north to the south of Europe, everyone agrees on the importance of closer and more participatory management., which constantly dialogues with citizens.

The manifesto: a commitment to diversity and social justice

The Ceus coalition manifesto advocates a Renaissance of the European Union based on diversity and dialogue. Representing societies with a great cultural, social and economic personality, the coalition is committed to working for a more united, supportive and open Europe. They propose strengthening strategic autonomy in energy matters, promoting decarbonization and digitalization, and defending social justice.

Furthermore, the coalition insists on the need for a strong Europe against violations of International Law, with deterrent capacity against attacks. The inclusion of stateless nations and constitutional regions in the European institutional architecture is another priority of the manifesto, which seeks to recognize and value diversity in all its forms.

Ceus Coalition presents plurinational offer and asks to focus on Europe against noise

Strategic alliances for effective representation

In these European elections, where voting is carried out in a single state constituency, the Ceus coalition has forged alliances with various regional parties to ensure effective representation. In addition to their main partners, they have support from Galicia, Valencia and Catalonia, thus expanding their support base..

Without a doubt, the coalition is confident of maintaining the seat achieved in 2019, despite the differences in the electoral context. With the addition of two additional seats for Spain after Brexit, the chances of success increase. The objective is clear, to defend a plural, diverse Europe committed to social justice and solidarity.

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